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  • We were well equipped with guns and harpoons, and thought that it was all quite simple.
  • There was a report, also, that the mission premises were to be assaulted with guns.
  • They cannot afford to engage anti-submarine craft with guns; they must use torpedoes.
  • Then, finally, the men with guns were left so far behind that there was no more danger for them.
  • The Fokkers late in 1915 had been fitted with guns which fired through the airscrew.
  • They were feasted, clothed and furnished with guns, scalping-knives, and tomahawks.
  • All were armed with guns, and at once Dave realized that the camp was surrounded.
  • I had scarcely gone 200 feet when a band of blacks, armed with guns, came towards me.
  • They were about sixty in number, armed partly with guns, and partly with bows, arrows, and lances.
  • Whichever way Pappenheim turned he found a firm front, bristling with guns, opposing him.
  • They hurried to the rescue with guns, and the thieves fled before they found where we were sleeping.
  • They shrank back into the shadow of the passage and with guns raised to their shoulders and their fingers on the triggers they waited.
  • Even those of the women who knew how to shoot, insisted upon being provided with guns and assigned to posts of duty.
  • For fifty years they had conquered their enemy who were armed only with spear and ax; but the insurrectos were armed with guns.
  • Actually, however, the arming of these ships with guns provided by our enemies has been energetically pursued.
  • In the opinion of his chiefs and braves, the white soldiers were armed with guns that shot of themselves and did not need reloading.
  • He'll dream of rides over the boundless plains, of cow-punchers with guns and things.
  • Whenever the day's fortunes were inclement, the men in command tended to settle things with guns.
  • The general opinion was, that there must have been about three thousand, three-quarters of whom were armed with guns.
  • They see three hard-lookin' fellers with guns in their hands, here in this bright moonlight.
  • It was going to be a fine barrage, with guns going off in all directions, because it is hard to keep your head in a melee.
  • Those in the castle fought like maniacs, the men with guns and crossbows, and the women firing stones.
  • The engineer had backed the train under the cover of the cut, and presently he and the conductor came up with guns and joined the firing-line.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For With Guns | With Guns Sentence

  • But why do you all come out with guns?
  • All are armed with guns and swords.
  • Twenty of them were armed with guns and pistols.
  • Poor fellows with guns and bayonets for shrouds!
  • These fellows are beginning to threaten me with guns!
  • Bipeds with guns could easily be included in the category.
  • The soldiers marched with guns reversed and colors furled.
  • They usually had three decks, with guns on every deck.
  • There is no need to fit out with guns and tents in London.
  • Here am I, an unarmed man among three with guns.
  • We hid ourselves under some trees and with guns cocked awaited their coming.
  • Several of the tobacco ships were forced into service and fitted with guns.
  • They are armed with guns and revolvers, and commanded by an officer.
  • I am but just come back, and there are strangers about already with guns.
  • They are well armed with guns, and carry on a considerable traffic in furs.
  • You and I can settle this thing with guns right here and now.
  • He is supposed to be the first man who supplied the Indians with guns.
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