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Short & Simple Example Sentence For With Heavy | With Heavy Sentence

  • Harding went to his room with heavy steps.
  • Its edges were weighted down with heavy stones.
  • All of us are charged with heavy responsibility.
  • These were all adorned with heavy silver buttons.
  • What use would there be in sitting up with heavy eyes?
  • He came, with heavy tread.
  • The red skins met with heavy losses.
  • Sad visions appeared unto them with heavy countenances.
  • The beds were wooden frame with heavy canvas support.
  • There were three men with heavy-duty blast-rifles.
  • With heavy blows of his club he cut down one after another.
  • We are having a very mild winter, with heavy rains.
  • There were three men with heavy-duty blast-rifles.
  • And we want it mounted with heavy armament, too.
  • The foot of the sail was wet, as with heavy rain.
  • Seventy of them were sick felons, chained with heavy irons.
  • Morning broke cool and bright, with heavy dew.
  • She was fully dressed, with heavy furs in addition.
  • Her breast rose and fell with heavy, regular breaths.
  • He turned back to the village, walking with heavy steps.
  • Bartley heard another voice, thick with heavy breathing.
  • He was a tall man of middle age, with heavy eyes.
  • Napoleon defeats Wrede with heavy loss.
  • Pa-pa with heavy whip Waits near the laden ship.
  • Many of the Frigid Zone animals are covered with heavy fur.
  • Celt with heavy shaft 31 18.
  • But the doors and windows of the cabin were barred with heavy planks.
  • The rooms of a few wealthy men were hung with heavy tapestries.
  • This they sealed from the wild beasts with heavy rocks and stones.
  • Even words with heavy double consonants have adopted this habit.
  • With heavy hearts the national authorities prepared for war.
  • Many cairns or graves are seen with heavy stones surrounding them.
  • In a corner a table was set with heavy but shining china dishes.
  • His land may be burdened with heavy charges of an exceptional kind.
  • The windows were hung with heavy blankets to keep the light from shining out.
  • Its framework was covered with heavy skins instead of woven branches.
  • He heard the water drop from the roof into the sea with heavy splashes.
  • The men had to ascend the immense hills with heavy loads on their backs.
  • Fahrenheit, and storms of thunder and lightning alternating with heavy rains.

How To Use With Heavy In A Sentence?

  • It was plain from the falling of the barometer that the air was surcharged with heavy vapor.

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