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  • It was with Major Drayton and not with his daughter.
  • My hands are full with Major Hunt.
  • And this shock was certainly in some way or other connected with Major Harper.
  • I came up here with Major Aldey and three other gentlemen and forty bearers.
  • In other words, he, who sought to fight a duel with Major-Gen.
  • I am off to look at Douchak with Major Noltitz as my cicerone.
  • Miss Ashwell was in love with Major Phillips, that was clear.
  • For instance, you think you know why I ran away with Major Brandon.
  • With Major Fairlie he discussed the tactics and chivalry of Baron Steuben.

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  • Between ourselves, and in confidence, I advise you not to quarrel with Major Malpas.
  • The opinion of fur-traders carried no weight with Major Gladwyn, the British officer.
  • Arranged with Major Longley to get Red Cross and medical supplies, and had them placed aboard.
  • By this time I had become well acquainted with Major Brown and Captain Sweetman.
  • It is true that the adjutant-general has business with Major Abbot, but it is some time before audience is obtained.
  • About six o'clock in the morning we set out very cautiously, with Major Kirkpatrick in command.
  • At this time the bull was standing on a slight rise of ground, just clear of the water with Major Starland contemplating the superb fellow.
  • Sam came downstairs with Major Stroud to mount his horse, and was surprised to see a landau with two horses drawn up at the door.
  • Whilst we were talking with Major A. Irwin at the pill-box a few light shells came over and sprinkled us with earth.
  • She was still as romantically in love with Major Durward as any girl in her teens, and she adored Tim quite openly.
  • Yet I must agree with Major Cassion that this letter in no way proves that he resorted to violence, or was even urged to do so.
  • I am going to have a horse-race in the morning with Major McDowell, of Rousseau's staff.
  • Having talked with Major Rogers, Pontiac sent runners to notify the villages that the English had his permission to march through the country.
  • It was the same old argument that General Bambos had used in discussing the question with Major Jack Starland.
  • Miss Mapp found herself soon afterwards partnered with Major Flint and opposed by Irene and the Padre.
  • Captain Haviland had been wounded, and was making his way with Major John Bradley, also wounded, to the hospital.
  • In addition to the general guidance in Chapter 1 of this section, there are certain emergency actions particularly associated with major floods, hurricanes, and storm tides or surges.
  • He left yesterday and is now with Major Atterbury's family on the James River, near Williamsburg.
  • Next morning after breakfast as he sat smoking in the Mess with Major Hunt and the doctor his servant entered to tell him that a forest guard wanted to see him.
  • One morning I went with Major Anderson to the ruins of Eaucourt L'Abbaye on a visit of inspection.
  • My first contact with Major Pond was as a consumer of the things he had to sell, and I came soon to learn that the stamp of his approval was the hallmark of excellence.
  • It contained three commissioners, prominent men of Charleston who had been sent to treat with Major Anderson, and his answer was quickly known to all the crowd.
  • As they did so Lord Howe, who, with Major Putnam, and 200 rangers and scouts, was at the head of the principal column, suddenly came upon them.
  • One of the worst quarrels was that of the Quartermaster, Hodgdon, first with Major Zeigler and then with Captain Ford.
  • His right forearm had remained on the battlefield of Shiloh, but when a strong head is on the shoulders a missing arm makes little difference, and so it was with Major Powell.
  • I arrived there one evening, and had dinner with Major-General Sir Bryan Mahon, who was on his way to Lille.
  • The whole force was formed on the slope of the hill; and when the second company marched up the declivity, with Major Lyon at the head of it, they presented arms, and then indulged in a vigorous cheer.
  • Burton remained in the general's tent to perfect the orders, and Sam went to the tent which he occupied with Major Stroud to enjoy a few hours' sleep.
  • One day, after we had been out for some little time, I arranged with Major North to play a joke on Mr. McCarthy.
  • In 1884 I went on a concert tour with Major Pond in the West, making of it so far as we could, as Pond said, something of a picnic.
  • L. H. North, his brother, who was for many years associated with Major North in command of the Pawnee Scouts.
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