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  • She spoke of them with serious reverence.
  • Say not, with serious face.
  • Her face covered itself with serious sweetness.
  • At the left a shepherd listens with serious attention.
  • Nyoda looked at her with serious, thoughtful eyes.
  • Fyles looked after them both with serious, earnest eyes.
  • I have tried that, but met with serious difficulties.
  • Victoria shook her head, smiling at him with serious eyes.
  • The old woman said this evidently with serious good-will.
  • The real meaning of it is lost, and with serious results.
  • Heedless-unawed, untouched with serious thought, 1838.
  • With serious mind and murderous intent I undressed.
  • And Eileen turned to him suddenly, with serious eyes.
  • The atmosphere was charged with serious import to Dr. Earl.
  • The vicarious responsibility rested on him with serious weight.
  • Bobby looked up at the umbrella-mender with serious alarm in his eyes.
  • This sweet possession and desire of her filled him with serious decision.
  • But this, again, would be attended with serious difficulties.
  • Treat nature and her laws always with serious, respectful attention.
  • Shif'less Sol followed them with serious eyes.
  • Since thou art striking with serious intent, know then that I too have a club.
  • As he entered, Mr. Strong and the Colonel looked up with serious faces.
  • Who could associate lazy, good-natured, careless "Lord" Bill with serious love?

How To Use With Serious In A Sentence?

  • If they are incapable of continuing work or are afflicted with serious illness.
  • But this permission could only be granted with serious apprehensions as to its consequences.
  • Whole districts had to be neglected, with serious consequences when the strike came.
  • All the time he was nominally under arrest, with serious charges pending against him.
  • When the machine flew again it was forced to land at once, this time with serious damage.
  • The meal was generally simple, but seasoned with serious and cheerful conversation.
  • To be attacked with serious illness now, or even to be over-fatigued might be fatal to him.
  • Nor are you to think from all this that the Dean was not a man with serious perplexities.
  • And then in the middle of the scene the doctor arrived, with serious face and hushed voice.
  • It was evident that unless he hastened, he was threatened with serious injury or even death.
  • Many arrests were made, and five of the rioters were taken to hospital with serious injuries.
  • The professor listened with serious attention, but manifested neither astonishment nor scepticism.
  • With serious countenances and widely-opened eyes, they follow the motions of my lips and hands.
  • An hour before I should have listened to this message with serious doubts and misgivings.
  • No one, unless intensely interested in progressive ideas, will bother with serious books.
  • This is a mistake too often fraught with serious results, and the Boer knows it.
  • I warn you, Mr. Clifton, that I do not allow this trifling with serious subjects.
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