With Water In A Sentence

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  • It was dripping with water.
  • Ice with water icing.
  • Wash thoroughly with water.
  • The flour was stirred with water.
  • They can no more unite than fire with water.
  • Supplying bees with water by a straw.
  • Imagine a vessel filled with water.
  • Otherwise continue spraying with water.
  • When there were no fountains abounding with water.
  • Pail with water and house flannel.
  • They were drenched with water and suds.
  • Ice the tops with water-icing.
  • Cool and then ice with water icing.
  • Jeanne came with water and brandy.
  • Cool and ice with water icing.
  • With water lilies studded.
  • Make it into a light paste with water.
  • Its fleece was dripping with water.
  • Small tail float with water rudder.
  • I took to filling up with water in my abdomen.
  • He administers to it with water and adjusts its leaves.
  • I sweetened it a little and diluted it with water.
  • Cool it with water or fire-extinguisher chemicals.
  • Was it not fitted with water-tight compartments?
  • How you dare meddle with water-babies?
  • She filled the great kettle with water.
  • Cover with water and simmer about two hours.
  • Here the tender fills up with water and coal.
  • Few of them were provided with water-proof covering.
  • The material is occasionally sprinkled with water.
  • The soil must then be moistened with water.
  • Large areas are always covered with water.
  • They were, with water-cresses.
  • I woke with water trickling down my face and all over me.
  • Serve on toast and dress with water cress.

How To Use With Water In A Sentence?

  • The guns filled with water and then they were silent.
  • The entire surface was once covered with water.
  • The walls of the cabin trickled with water.
  • Triacetin in contact with water gradually decomposes.
  • Never flood the rice with water while it is cooking.
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