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How To Use Withdraw In A Sentence?

  • If you were to withdraw your opposition, and it were known to him that you had done so!
  • To renounce the world and withdraw from it is the course of wisdom and holiness.
  • It seems to me to be my duty and privilege to withdraw from the unequal contest.
  • The woman sitting there beside him seemed to withdraw herself to an infinite distance.
  • Thus, those who advance and withdraw have an unfair advantage over those who never change.
  • By every outward sign here was a lobster that fain would withdraw from the world.
  • He will withdraw your pensions, my poor gentlemen, unless you act with decision.
  • They saw him knock and step half within, then withdraw and gently push his daughter ahead of him.
  • Perhaps, indeed, they would withdraw a little way to leave her for a moment alone with her son.
  • And Lord Fontenoy made a movement as though to withdraw from the hand on his shoulder.
  • Mr. Motley was instructed to withdraw from Vienna in case troops were sent from Austria to Mexico.
  • It has a strong affinity for hydrogen and is able to withdraw it from its compounds with other elements.
  • The man turned to her as though it were an effort to withdraw his gaze from the face of the woman he loved.
  • He had taken her into his confidence, and then he had seemed to withdraw it, though he had not meant to do so.
  • They scattered into outer gloom before his rage, and then came back to kneel to him and beg him withdraw his curse.
  • Mahomet at this part of his life began also to withdraw himself, and to go apart to lonely spots for meditation.
  • It is also strange that among such persons they should withdraw the plans and maps of their navigation, and not allow us to examine them.
  • These, when energized, will withdraw the holding pawls from the ratchets and allow them all to return to their normal positions.
  • Will you not necessarily be led to withdraw your support from your colleges, your museums, your institutes, and your libraries?
  • Heaven and earth shall sooner pass away, than his mercy shall withdraw from the support of one jot or one tittle of it.
  • They do not draw their pay monthly or quarterly, but prefer to allow it to accumulate with their masters, and withdraw it in a lump sum.
  • As the idea of personality grows more distinct it necessarily becomes less extensive, till we withdraw it from all but intelligent human beings.
  • He took her hand, and she did not attempt to withdraw it; for she was too artless to think any evil, too confiding to dread it.
  • As Decatur was about to withdraw with his prize, his brother's boat came under the stern.
  • Trade was opened, but the President was authorized to reimpose non-intercourse with either nation if the other would withdraw its decrees.
  • Now we see plainly that unless you withdraw your opposition to Scott we are ruined men, and many more innocent people are in the same situation.
  • I turned you out of my house, though I love you like a son, to withdraw you from what might prove a dangerous atmosphere.
  • The President declined to withdraw the nomination unless it could be made to appear that Simmons was an unfit man.
  • The Turk had the weapon I have described in the front of his sash and attempted to withdraw it to give the finishing thrust.
  • If a father of a family should show any disposition to resist or to withdraw himself from their power, his wife and children are cruelly to answer for it.
  • Those who embraced this austere mode of life lived indeed only for themselves, but they did not withdraw themselves altogether from the society and converse of men.
  • If the Judge were to withdraw his support Peter would collapse like a pricked gas-bag, to be swept off into the gutter.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Withdraw | Withdraw Sentence

  • I tried to withdraw my hand, but it was too late.
  • When the priest would withdraw into the room he held him by the skirt.
  • Up to this minute he had seemed to withdraw from her, to elude her.
  • Palmer must do him the justice to withdraw her most uncalled-for assertions.
  • The emperor could even withdraw a cause out of the hands of the tribunals.
  • She made an effort to withdraw her hand, but it was tightly retained.
  • She made no motion to withdraw it, but looked him frankly in the eyes.
  • But I'll Withdraw a while, and try to find it out.

Definition of Withdraw

(transitive) To pull (something) back, aside, or away. | (intransitive) To stop talking to, or interacting with, other people and start thinking thoughts that are not related to what is happening around. | (transitive) To take back (a comment, etc).
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