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  • Subject: Withdrawal of American troops from Archangel.
  • Yet the thought of withdrawal was not to be entertained for a moment.
  • A plague of vermin has followed the withdrawal of these little insect-killers.
  • A "total withdrawal for more than two years of happiness and peace of mind".
  • The withdrawal of the mass of the German force involved also that of the left.
  • It marked the final withdrawal of England from the European alliance.
  • Communion, withdrawal of, a fundamental principle of Separatism, 271.
  • After the withdrawal of San Martin, Bolivar became Dictator of Peru.

How To Use Withdrawal In A Sentence?

  • Frequently the withdrawal or concealment of the picket line will be its first intimation.
  • The withdrawal of the oxygen is indicated by the rising of the water in the bell jar.
  • Clayton looked round in pained surprise at this sudden withdrawal of popular support.
  • The withdrawal of the outlaws was the cue for absurd activity on the part of the train crew.
  • Situated on a bank or on sloping ground, it was easy to arrange for withdrawal of the furnace.
  • This protest by withdrawal of communion was a fundamental principle of Separatism.
  • The immediate consequences of this enforced withdrawal were, of course, extremely grave.
  • This mystery connected with his withdrawal from public affairs intrigued the American.
  • The Spanish government therefore requested the withdrawal of the American note.
  • All loss of joy, of serenity, of contact, is failure, then, on our part or withdrawal upon His.
  • She was so fond of love and approval that the withdrawal of it smote her like a frost of the spirit.
  • But there was a sudden purposefulness in the way he did it that might have warned them this withdrawal was not quite the retreat it seemed.
  • These chambers kept full of water are constantly changing their level on the withdrawal of the liquid.
  • The racks slide automatically from top to bottom on withdrawal of the lower frames through door at front.
  • There were signs of strange disorder on his countenance, as if during his brief withdrawal he had been unstrung by some overwhelming shock.
  • Meanwhile the matter had gone so far that withdrawal would have meant a moral surrender which would have been dangerous for our credit.
  • One more point: should the situation necessitate the withdrawal of the seaplane-carriers and their escorts you know your instructions?
  • There was such a shrinking of genuine fright in her withdrawal that Ryder had a fine thrill of rescue.
  • With his withdrawal the light in the hall, furnished by a bead of gas, faded to a flickering obscurity.
  • Therefore, the withdrawal of the British flag cannot be abandoned as a preliminary of such a settlement as is now proposed.
  • After their withdrawal Endicott questioned the boy carefully about his college course and his habits of living.
  • Near the towns the results are simply dirt, withered hedges, and a general withdrawal of meadow adornment.
  • He pondered a moment, then decided it was wiser to trust nothing to her, even so simple a matter as her withdrawal to the country.
  • He had formerly been a crack second baseman in a major league, but an injured ankle had forced his withdrawal from the active playing ranks.
  • The withdrawal from circulation within a period of ... of gold coins containing a weight of less than 5.806 grms.
  • There's to be the universal suffrage, the withdrawal of troops, whatever I wanted.
  • During the application of the heat, the spectral plant preserved its delicate outline; but on withdrawal of the heat, it became dust again.
  • To the keep, four stories high, a flying bridge led, in order to facilitate the withdrawal of the garrison in case of siege.
  • This demonstration was intended to insure the withdrawal of the French army according to the promises of the Emperor.
  • The plan has been successful and there have been no losses or injuries to the books which would justify the withdrawal or restriction of such freedom.
  • Mr. Macandrew looked at her expressively and tore, with a gesture of moderated recklessness, the notice of withdrawal in two.
  • Even Allison stood astonished at it, mouth open, following her rapid withdrawal toward the group fifty yards away.

Definition of Withdrawal

Receiving from someone's care what one has earlier entrusted to them. Usually refers to money. | A method of birth control which consists of removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. | A type of metabolic shock the body undergoes when a substance, usually a toxin such as heroin, to which a patient is addicted is withheld. Sometimes used with the substance as modifier
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