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  • Mildly he permitted the withdrawal of her hand and its replacement upon his brow.
  • The withdrawal of the oxygen is indicated by the rising of the water in the bell jar.
  • Clayton looked round in pained surprise at this sudden withdrawal of popular support.
  • The withdrawal of the outlaws was the cue for absurd activity on the part of the train crew.
  • Situated on a bank or on sloping ground, it was easy to arrange for withdrawal of the furnace.
  • The withdrawal of the pole was followed by a shower of charred bits of bone and singed hair.
  • There must now be a prompt and complete withdrawal of the novel from the market, he said.
  • This protest by withdrawal of communion was a fundamental principle of Separatism.
  • So engrossed was Smith that he did not notice the almost imperceptible withdrawal of his auditor.
  • In gloomy mood he gave orders for the withdrawal of the soldiery from Russograd.
  • It was as if, on the withdrawal of the ladies, Guion had less intention of concealing it.
  • This movement had been growing since the withdrawal of Bissolati from the Cabinet.
  • A more direct concession to Greece was the withdrawal of Turkish sovereignty over Crete.
  • So you can readily see that this withdrawal of the censor does not in itself signify rank carelessness.
  • It had been made to cover the withdrawal of a body of our infantry that had been advanced on our right.
  • When he was not there, everything was flat and uninteresting in the withdrawal of this exciting disquietude.
  • Under this strain the new union seems to have been weakened through the withdrawal of its more important members.
  • To the non-withdrawal of these guns is to be attributed the otherwise surprising inactivity of the enemy.
  • She was so fond of love and approval that the withdrawal of it smote her like a frost of the spirit.
  • Any withdrawal of troops from either city would be the signal for a general rising of the inhabitants.
  • These chambers kept full of water are constantly changing their level on the withdrawal of the liquid.
  • The racks slide automatically from top to bottom on withdrawal of the lower frames through door at front.
  • They may lead to the withdrawal of some of the fictitious mental processes which are still described in works of psychology.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Withdrawal Of | Withdrawal Of Sentence

  • This is the signal for the withdrawal of the horses.
  • Withdrawal of German troops observed from the air.
  • How did Lee try to compel the withdrawal of Grant?
  • Subject: Withdrawal of American troops from Archangel.
  • And then had come the mysterious apparent withdrawal of the tribesmen.
  • The withdrawal of the permission to market was all but an act of war.
  • On withdrawal of the foreign object blood may immediately follow.
  • A plague of vermin has followed the withdrawal of these little insect-killers.
  • The withdrawal of the troops marked the definite end of Reconstruction.
  • The withdrawal of the mass of the German force involved also that of the left.
  • He described the withdrawal of the troops from Paris, which was his own act.
  • It marked the final withdrawal of England from the European alliance.
  • Yale suffered, too, in the withdrawal of Michaels, a star end.
  • Even Justice Deveil thought it prudent to order the withdrawal of the military.
  • The Spanish government therefore requested the withdrawal of the American note.
  • After the withdrawal of San Martin, Bolivar became Dictator of Peru.
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