Withdrawn In A Sentence

How To Use Withdrawn In A Sentence?

  • All the more reason for not assailing them now when she was withdrawn into her strange distance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Withdrawn | Withdrawn Sentence

  • Dudley has withdrawn to the library.
  • It was withdrawn on the instant.
  • Then he had withdrawn himself from her attention.
  • They were withdrawn in 1868.
  • The hand had been withdrawn too swiftly.
  • I had a sense of force being withdrawn from all about me.
  • And where has my good family withdrawn to?
  • His gaze was withdrawn from the horizon.
  • Perhaps he would have withdrawn his words.
  • The man has withdrawn his weapon.
  • He told you he had withdrawn his security.
  • The tin was then withdrawn and the operation repeated.
  • This was withdrawn about two weeks ago.
  • This type has recently been withdrawn from the market.
  • She clung to his hands when he would have withdrawn them.
  • Her mind seemed withdrawn from the veranda.
  • The limbs can be withdrawn within the carapace.
  • An enclosure fell out before she had withdrawn his letter.
  • The bars were withdrawn and the gallant band poured out.
  • They feel withdrawn by sweet duties from reality.
  • Seconds will remain withdrawn to twenty feet beyond it.
  • The men had now withdrawn to an alcove off the main hall.
  • British troops withdrawn from Portugal.
  • By this time Tommy had withdrawn into his shop.
  • The Union skirmishers have been withdrawn too soon.
  • The Indians had apparently withdrawn from the road.
  • When the man had withdrawn Vita smiled across at him.
  • The Norse women and children had withdrawn to one side.
  • The Holy Spirit will be withdrawn from the Church.
  • Yet others had withdrawn themselves from him more and more of late.
  • Nadine had withdrawn from her welcome and desire for reconciliation.
  • She seemed to have withdrawn from the struggle with such a partner.
  • He realised that the girl had withdrawn within herself again.
  • She had withdrawn her friendship from him in his darkest hour.
  • The women of the harem have withdrawn into their own apartments.
  • The nail or other object has penetrated and afterwards withdrawn itself.
  • It can be withdrawn on refusal to work for insufficient reasons.
  • An application for shares can be withdrawn at any time before acceptance.
  • Winchester had withdrawn somewhat among the trees and he beckoned to him.

Definition of Withdrawn

removed from circulation | introverted; not inclined to interact with other people | past participle of withdraw
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