Withdrew In A Sentence

How To Use Withdrew In A Sentence?

  • The further he withdrew from the seat of his power, the more anxious he became.
  • The prisoners once inside the cabin, the captors withdrew and locked the door behind them.
  • Gray made a clutch at the gun above his head, but the next moment withdrew his hand.
  • The ladies, he thought, from the rustle of their skirts, withdrew themselves subtly.
  • Not even when Rupert withdrew from the quartette and let Sacha come alone to the villa.
  • From that moment I saw that I must disappoint his hopes, and gradually withdrew from his society.
  • As they withdrew from the royal presence, Grief caught a glimpse of Sepeli, the queen.
  • The boys' commander and Frank's father shook hands warmly, and the lads withdrew to let them talk.
  • XIV There was dignity in the way in which Davenant both withdrew and stood his ground.
  • Soon Hindman withdrew his army from Northwest Arkansas and fled to Little Rock.
  • Menard carried her within and made her as comfortable as possible, then withdrew and closed the door.
  • Then he calmly withdrew from the scene, and there are many living who remember his pathetic parting words.
  • Roseen withdrew with a bright nod, her innate delicacy prompting her to leave the couple to themselves for a time.
  • But she had caught a glimpse of two ugly facts, and withdrew her gaze from them at once without further inquiry.
  • The judge withdrew his application by the next post, and confidently expected to see his friend in the dock.
  • When he found that the other powers were bent upon this step and that his protest would be unheeded, he withdrew from the congress.
  • He entirely withdrew his earlier supposition that she was a woman of the world, in spite of the evidence of travel and experience.
  • The excited nobility then withdrew with rattling weapons and boisterous approbation; only a few petitioners remained behind.
  • He put his fingers into his mouth and withdrew two pads of composition such as dentists use, with a sigh of relief.
  • She withdrew her hands, her brows contracting and her eyes clouding in her effort to make him understand the position from her point of view.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Withdrew | Withdrew Sentence

  • Dicky withdrew a step.
  • Molly withdrew somewhat from the scene.
  • She promptly withdrew from the contest.
  • Philippa withdrew her eyes from the sea.
  • He withdrew his hand as if it had been stung.
  • She withdrew from the window without having been seen.
  • I quickly withdrew myself behind the barrel.
  • Isuke withdrew the needle and carefully pressed the arm.
  • He withdrew his hand, looking troubled.
  • Then, turning, she withdrew from the room.
  • The secretary withdrew and I advanced to meet her.
  • Madame Donatelli withdrew with proper operatic dignity.
  • The Prince, very much offended, withdrew to his cabinet.
  • He withdrew more and more from his schoolmates and devoted his time to books.
  • All the more salutary, as it withdrew his thoughts from weightier themes.
  • Teleki coldly withdrew his hand from the Prince's grasp.
  • The English traders there withdrew at the approach of the French.
  • The Caliph and the Vizier withdrew and consulted over the situation.
  • I put my hand to the wound, and when I withdrew it found blood upon it.
  • Orren lunged at Boyce but quickly withdrew as Boyce pitched forward at him.

Definition of Withdrew

simple past tense of withdraw
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