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How To Use Withhold In A Sentence?

  • We dare not, therefore, withhold our testimony against slavery any more than against any other crime.
  • Never does the spiritual teacher withhold knowledge because he grudges the giving.
  • Have they a right to withhold it for fear society should turn on them and call them inconsistent?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Withhold | Withhold Sentence

  • They do not wish to withhold it.
  • You must not withhold it.
  • Why withhold it from the public?
  • Folsom pleaded with him to withhold it.
  • I did not withhold from him my young sagacity.
  • I dared not withhold my consent.
  • It is difficult to withhold our sympathy from him.
  • Thou withhold the goodness from us.
  • Will shame withhold her from the wildest deed?
  • Can he withhold it without violating his oath?
  • I purposely withhold the date of the year.
  • But the world does withhold its wealth sometimes?
  • I cannot withhold this word of affectionate thanks.
  • It can serve no end to withhold the writing to the army.
  • Restrain your ministers, withhold your persecutions.
  • Yes; what are we that we should withhold pity or pardon?
  • They concede or withhold free trade and many things else.
  • Do not, after proffering me a benefit, withhold it from me.
  • Would God withhold it?
  • But the Barrister would only withhold a license!
  • Still I could not withhold some admiration from the man.
  • But Paine did not withhold his cup of cold water.
  • This fact I ought not to withhold from the reader.
  • You will not withhold them, will you, Margaret?
  • Now, therefore, why should I withhold it?
  • King Henry says, Withhold revenge, dear God!
  • But these they now thought it expedient to withhold from him.
  • To withhold such epithets is considered a kind of blasphemy.
  • But the time came when he knew it was not right to withhold such cares.
  • In humanity he would withhold nothing from them which could do them good.
  • Nature does not baby us nor withhold from us the bitter cup.
  • It is not avarice or aversion to labour that makes you withhold your hand.
  • But we must not withhold what we have because some one else has more, must we?
  • This world had nothing to give him, nothing to withhold from him.
  • He could see nothing moving in the community about him and withhold his hand.
  • It is undoubtedly sometimes right for us to conceal or withhold the truth.
  • But the future had better things in store, and did not longer withhold them.

Definition of Withhold

(transitive) To keep (a physical object that one has obtained) to oneself rather than giving it back to its owner. | (transitive) To keep (information, assent etc) to oneself rather than revealing it. | (intransitive) To stay back.
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