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  • They did, within minutes.
  • They would leave within minutes.
  • Within minutes, Your Excellency," von Schlichten replied gravely.

How To Use Within Minutes In A Sentence?

  • Within minutes they were all moving, a single file that vanished into the darkness.
  • If that fails, we can blast him out of his stronghold within minutes afterwards.
  • Within minutes there were little fires going everywhere and we could smell strange odors of food.
  • Mankind had now realised that the total destruction of everything that they knew, and craved for, could happen within minutes.
  • True to Bartouki's prediction, the talk turned to scientific subjects within minutes.
  • The resultant mushroom cloud rose to over 38,000 feet within minutes, and the heat of the explosion was 10,000 times hotter than the surface of the sun!
  • Within minutes, unless something happened to turn the tide, there would be enough flying drones aloft to break the attack and inflict terrible losses.
  • And if they're attacked--the fliers come swooping down within minutes to defend or avenge them.
  • Both bracelets had been worn by a living being within an hour-- "Probably within minutes!"
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