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  • But he went on without giving me the opportunity.
  • To get without giving is mean.
  • He was loquacious, without giving information.
  • He opened his eyes without giving any other sign of waking.
  • Then he disappeared, without giving his name.
  • You know, he has gone off without giving me his promise.
  • If you shoot me down without giving me a chance, all right!
  • Noquala walked away without giving his wife time to reply.
  • He could therefore enter without giving the usual signal.
  • The smoke kills without giving him a show to fight back.
  • My friend went away without giving me anything....
  • This is what I wish to avoid, without giving offence.
  • Sidney ate what was put before him without giving a thought to it.
  • One of them is to go through it without giving pain to others.
  • But in the end she had gone to her room without giving in to the craving.
  • I doubt very much if we can do it this end without giving ourselves away.
  • Five miles were thus stealthily marched without giving an alarm.
  • Each of us has his generous share of it without giving the matter a thought.
  • Roger can't prove the will without giving you away.
  • I have promised to let you go without giving you into the hands of the law.
  • It was very shameful to ask a large dowry without giving a pasonor.
  • She walked several blocks without giving any thought to where she was going.
  • The meeting separated in great tumult without giving him any answer.
  • It destroyed my belief in the past without giving me faith in the future.
  • He rode away without giving any instructions for his disposal or care.
  • You may chill a patient fatally without giving him fresh air at all.
  • We can't claim the treat without giving ourselves away?
  • I still waited for what he wished to say, without giving him any aid.
  • Then she went away without giving' him time to add a word.
  • Not without giving equal pain, 'tis clear.
  • How to tantalize the girls, pique the curiosity without giving it away.

How To Use Without Giving In A Sentence?

  • And that can be done without giving the impression that you are either a prig or a snob.
  • We cannot conceive life without giving it the attribute of some sort of consciousness.
  • Could she so play that she reaped all the advantage she needed without giving anything at all?
  • Could you do this wonderful miracle without giving your soul to the devil for his help?
  • Others contented themselves with copying, without giving any place to their fancy.
  • The maiden hastened back into the patio without giving herself time for reflection.
  • But she went away without giving back her promise for all that her mother could say.
  • Without giving a further thought to dangers, she sprang up and ran out across the field.
  • He took the letters which the man handed him and walked out without giving him another glance.
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