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  • We have witnesses from the bank.
  • Another of the witnesses had heard the same story.
  • This brought in many witnesses from the wardsmen.
  • Then came two witnesses to prove motive.
  • There were no witnesses in Delhi.
  • James Walsham and his witnesses left the room.
  • And yet, if witnesses are wanted, witnesses are near.
  • On Monday and Tuesday two more of the witnesses were heard.
  • They may be used as witnesses to show the customs of their times.
  • The second of the two witnesses pointed to a very different motive.
  • Forty-one witnesses were then heard, nearly all of whom were monks.
  • No, not if you had taken down a dozen witnesses to testify to the burning.
  • Don't want any witnesses to an unethical act, you know.
  • The three first witnesses repeated their testimony under oath, word for word.
  • There were other witnesses to Truxton's rash act.
  • Accompanied by the accuser and his witnesses I took my way to Veilbye.

How To Use Witnesses In A Sentence?

  • All the while witnesses kept arriving and the multitude of them filled him with a great terror.
  • They usually assume the guilt of the accused; and no witnesses for the defence are heard.
  • Thereat were the Icelanders witnesses and hearkened to the fair singing and the ringing of bells.
  • On the 11th April, 1310, the hearing of the witnesses against the order commenced.
  • From a number of witnesses who testified whole-heartedly to Belgian kindness, one will suffice.
  • Each party was permitted to bring with him as many as thirty friends to act as witnesses and compurgators.
  • Of course you don't know the two witnesses either who could establish your innocence?
  • As a consequence of this diversity of opinion the witnesses were subjected to the equivalent of a cross-examination in a court of justice.
  • He cannot become indifferent to her charms, while he witnesses the impression they make upon others.
  • Still he could not understand how he had ever offended against them, nor could he surmise why they should be witnesses to his hurt.
  • He did not plead and had no defence, and the witnesses against him spoke only in answer to the leading questions of the judges.
  • Edwards then read the names of the young people to be summoned as witnesses or as accused, but without discriminating between the two classes.
  • In some cases significant details will be taken from the works of competent witnesses whose observations were made somewhat earlier or later.
  • The burnt wagons, dead mules and new made graves were the mute witnesses left to tell of the fight.
  • We can vouch for the truth of the statement, as many of our own teutu, or clan, were witnesses of the facts.
  • This is done partly to enhance the mystery of the proceeding, and partly to avoid the presence of witnesses to what is really an illegal act.
  • The witnesses were like barrel-organs, producing the same old tune mechanically, without changing a note.
  • It was with difficulty that the horror-struck witnesses of this bloody scene could force open his clenched hands time enough to let me breathe.
  • Pepys was put to great expense in collecting evidence against Scott and obtaining witnesses to clear himself of the charges brought against him.
  • The only good derived from these official inquiries is that the witnesses get their expenses and the Government printers have a lucrative contract.
  • In a case upon the wall were rows of shaving mugs, now dusty and abandoned, mute witnesses of a former era of glory.
  • We are to suppose, though it does not appear that the witnesses said so, that the Templars had contrived to get possession of this formidable head.
  • The commissioners then proceeded in their labours without them, and continued the examination of witnesses till the 26th May, 1311.
  • When the latest witnesses were telling their story, I noted the possible contradiction, and hoped it might prove a loophole of escape.

Definition of Witnesses

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of witness | plural of witness
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