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  • To be a wizard is not to be wicked!
  • Tear the wizard to pieces!
  • As devil or as wizard to appear?
  • The wizard stared in astonishment.
  • We have witnessed together the wizard behind the curtain.
  • Yes, Saunders is a wizard with it.
  • Doctor Wood, modern wizard of the laboratory.
  • Now Eyvind was a wizard & well versed in witchcraft.
  • Once in Wales there was a great wizard named Merlin.
  • The Grand Wizard was a citizen of Tennessee.
  • He's a wizard at piquet.
  • The wizard met an untimely end in a flight on wings of his own devising.
  • The dead are dead; and no wizard can set them before us as they lived.
  • Oh, monsieur, wizard though you are, can you get them past her guards?
  • The so-called Yellow Tower was the scene of his wizard craft.
  • It is a rule that was set up by the Wonderful Wizard of Oz himself.
  • Many Ozites maintained that only the Wonderful Wizard could rule the land.
  • The Grand Wizard shall be elected biennially by the Grand Dragons of Realms.
  • General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Grand Wizard 28 4.
  • Well, for your comfort, holy priest, I'll tell you who that wizard is.
  • Now I'm no wizard in anything, but I always did have a good ear.

How To Use Wizard In A Sentence?

  • And it needs no wizard to conjecture that these are bestowed in very unequal proportions.
  • Then the wizard opened a drawer and took from it a lovely necklace with a diamond clasp.
  • Wizard champion, a champion having something of the nature of a wizard or enchanter.
  • Storm and flood rage against that mysterious shrine, but the wizard blocks cannot be swept away.
  • Yet it would appear that here the old wizard who is thy friend, has the answer that he desires.
  • That afternoon the Wizard of Oz visited our city and brought them all back to life.
  • I shall see the wizard of the North, lame of foot, walking in the shade of ruined Dryburgh.
  • Mr. Willard, a pious minister of Boston, was cried out upon as a wizard in open court.
  • The Grand Wizard shall be elected biennially by the Grand Dragons of Realms.
  • Very soon the wizard and his wife came to the doors of the church and asked the priest if a youth and a lady had passed that way on horseback.
  • But strangest of all, and in appearance oldest of all, are the dim and wizard upland districts of young wood.
  • There was once a wizard living at no great distance from Sorrento whose dreams were haunted by the craving for this treasure.
  • These officers were: The Grand Wizard of the Invisible Empire and his ten Genii.
  • Mayhap you think it impossible that I should speak with and learn of you from yonder old black wizard who dwells in the country whence you came.
  • Would he return again, with renewed potency, with the same singular, almost sinister charm, as a wizard who works his will only by moonlight?
  • And the wedding feast lasted for eight whole days, and the three monster wizard dogs sat at the table, staring around them with all their eyes.
  • And these people entreated me kindly, though, as others, they feared me much, holding me to be a wizard brought hither by the sea.
  • Indeed, had I not committed some fatal mistake and left that trusty servant behind, and had not some wizard of the night stepped into his place?
  • While he was waiting for it the wizard Merlin came along in the likeness of a boy, and asked the King why he was so thoughtful.

Definition of Wizard

(slang, dated, Britain) Fine, superb (originally RAF slang). | (intransitive) To practice wizardry. | (transitive) To conjure.
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