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  • Miss Wodehouse pondered over the handle of her parasol.
  • Colonel Wodehouse had undoubtedly the greater claims.
  • But now the time predicted by Miss Wodehouse had arrived.
  • I have got other things to do, Miss Wodehouse.
  • Currie, Bertram Wodehouse, 294.
  • Miss Wodehouse had been thinking of Bessie Christian.
  • Wodehouse, J., Exeter 11 9 4.
  • Kimberley, Earl of (Lord Wodehouse), 164, 165.
  • Damsel in Distress, A. Pelham G. Wodehouse.
  • Lucy Wodehouse was chief directress of these important operations.
  • P. G. Wodehouse.
  • P. Q. Wodehouse.
  • P.G. Wodehouse.
  • I cannot conjecture to whom it has been promised by Col. Wodehouse.
  • By P. G. Wodehouse.
  • Was Lucy Wodehouse not enough for him, that he must have Nettie too?
  • Wodehouse, Colonel, 115, 259, 265; battle at Argin, 262.
  • By Mrs. E. WODEHOUSE.
  • WODEHOUSE, P. G. Love on a diet.

How To Use Wodehouse In A Sentence?

  • Miss Wodehouse lingered at the window with a little sigh over the perversity of circumstances.
  • Miss Wodehouse did not understand the look, nor put any significance into the words.
  • Miss Wodehouse drew a long sigh, and was by no means disinclined to cry over her little companion.
  • It was Miss Wodehouse, in her soft dove-coloured dress and large soft checked shawl.
  • Might not Edward Rider have made that suggestion which had occurred only to Miss Wodehouse?
  • Miss Wodehouse bent her troubled sweet old face over the handle of her parasol, and did not say anything for a few minutes.
  • Under this title Mr. Wodehouse has collected nineteen of the short stories written by him in the past four years.
  • Miss Wodehouse went in at the invitation of Mary to see the little drawing-room which the master of the house had provided for his wife.
  • Colonel Wodehouse having been informed of their attack, at once sent out help, and the Dervishes were surprised and annihilated.
  • Miss Wodehouse gazed at her with a certain mild exasperation, shook her head, wrung her hands, but could find nothing to answer.
  • The curate glanced at Lucy Wodehouse, who was walking demurely by his side, but who certainly did prick up her ears at this little bit of news.
  • Every one of the new-comers, except Mr Wodehouse, recognised Nettie before she was aware of their presence.
  • The matter was as incomprehensible to Miss Wodehouse as to Dr Rider, but not of such engrossing interest.
  • Mr Wodehouse himself had come merely for the pride and pleasure of seeing how much they were indebted to his little girl; and the attendance of the curate was most easily explainable.
  • Why did not Edward Rider propose the "arrangement" which appeared feasible enough to Miss Wodehouse?
  • Nettie, meanwhile, went on at a pace which Miss Wodehouse could not possibly have kept up with, clasping her tiny hands together with a swell of scorn and disdain unusual to it in her heart.
  • Miss Wodehouse, who, with a yearning admiration of a creature so totally unlike herself, came often to visit Nettie, ceased to expostulate, almost ceased to wonder.
  • My father has every claim to it, and I think that it would have been no more than what was due from Col. Wodehouse, both to the county and my father, to offer it to him before he promised it to another.
  • The weather is extremely cold, the town I hear dull and unpleasant, everybody I have seen much interested about you, Mrs. Wodehouse . . .
  • Mr. Wodehouse is one of the few English short-story writers with an equally large public on both sides of the Atlantic: but only two of these stories have an American setting.
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