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  • Ask for women and for means.
  • The women and children too!
  • Women and children were in the canoes.
  • Send for the women and children.
  • Nobody there but women and wounded.
  • My women and my children are yours.
  • The women and children had come.
  • None now remained but women and children.
  • Two women and one man.
  • The women and children at once retired.
  • Here the women and children were to sleep.
  • Damn women and their everlasting babies.
  • Jewish women and girls were raped.
  • Women and children first always.
  • Power over men and women and contempt for them!
  • I sew for the women and children.
  • It is the women and children who are most dehumanized.
  • No women and children were found.
  • The women and children to their houses.
  • Women and children joined in the preparations.
  • But this is the work of women and children.
  • Most women and some men travel in them.
  • And what of the women and children on board?
  • This was to shelter the women and children.
  • Women and children were chatting and calling to each other.
  • These were for the most part women and children.
  • Books for girls and women and their clubs.
  • Two women and a man are observing.
  • The women and children were not molested.
  • Women and children are lying all round.
  • The women and girls were frightened.
  • Such risks were not for such women and children.
  • And some women and a doctor came up and carried her out.
  • We were to take the women and children with us.
  • What is the true place of our women and girls?

How To Use Women And In A Sentence?

  • Of these 153 were women and 50 were men.
  • There are no other laws relating to women and children.
  • They were three women and three men.
  • They were offering milk to the women and children.
  • There are none dealing with women and children.
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