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  • Women in the theater?
  • Women in the cloister!
  • There are no women in them.
  • The women in particular.
  • There were no women in their number.
  • American women in peril.
  • No women in the house?
  • All women in love are.
  • For there were women in the band.
  • Three women in black.
  • There were almost no women in sight.
  • He had been too busy to let women in.
  • He had been intimate with very few women in his life.
  • To think there should be such women in the world!
  • The women in the kitchen were standing again.
  • Women in the field were under martial law.
  • All the women in the audience applaud.
  • Why are women in like case?
  • Women in love have an irresistible craving for sacrifice.
  • The women in the crowd caught their breath.
  • Lies or truth that of all the women in the house is known.
  • The women in education are on a plane with the men.
  • The women in the play deserve notice.
  • I still have to speak of the women in the crowd.
  • I mixed women in without any right to.
  • And all the women in the caves shall be affrightened.
  • Look at the pictured women in the corridor upstairs.
  • It increased my respect for women in a way.
  • Not that his opinions about women in general were altered.
  • The case is the same with women in regard to men.
  • What men and women in the present generation?
  • I wish there were no women in the world sometimes.
  • How does it place women in her relation to the arts?
  • Think of the chaste poor women in the world!
  • All the women in the room began to titter.

How To Use Women In In A Sentence?

  • I have had my day; and there were women in it.
  • God help the women in the days of war!
  • Women in numbers attend mass and go to confession.
  • Women in great numbers were again faithful unto death.
  • What of the forty thousand wretched women in this city?
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