Wonderful In A Sentence

How To Use Wonderful In A Sentence?

  • What a wonderful spell it was that bound me to the dull lane at the end of the town!
  • In one of your books read the wonderful story of how we obtain a loaf of bread.
  • As usual, her resources did not fail her; she was really wonderful all through.
  • He was a man of wonderful schemes, but originally they led to results as wonderful.
  • It was like first love without its troubled suspense, this new wonderful feeling!
  • Lessingham, watching her closely, almost groaned as he saw the wonderful relief in her face.
  • She pulled the root up, and, though wonderful is a strong term, the hole was certainly larger.
  • There were wonderful possibilities in the girl, Corinna mused, looking her over.
  • He is active and laborious; understands Affairs, has a quick Apprehension, and a wonderful Memory.
  • Randy hung around, wrought up with excitement over their wonderful find and anxious to talk about it.
  • They were so full of the wonderful work done by these afflicted musicians that they scarcely listened to her limping explanation of her dilemma.
  • The pompous and magnificent introduction had led him to expect something wonderful in the story to which it served as a kind of avenue.
  • The happy years we spent there were marked by no wonderful occurrences, and were not enlivened by any particular gaiety.
  • Though it was only the old lure of youth and sex, he felt that it was as divinely fresh and wonderful as first love.
  • Let her see the weeping rock, in that wonderful battle between granite and trees, they call the forest.
  • The decision, wonderful to relate, was given by the mayor against his compatriot, and the crowd were correspondingly enraged.
  • He who keeps up such a wonderful and whimsical incognito: whom nobody knows, and yet whom every body thinks he can swear to.
  • That maiden lady in her wonderful preservation reminded Renouard somehow of a wax flower under glass.
  • Only Helen seemed to have some wonderful premonition of the truth, a premonition which she was afraid to admit even to herself.
  • O, wonderful goodness! to promise eternal life to the human race on a condition which he certainly foreknew would not be performed!
  • Nothing had altered within her, and yet a wonderful pity was glowing in her heart, tearing at her emotions, bringing a sob into her throat.
  • No one could have failed to approve of the wonderful transformation Jolly had made in a bare, cheerless lumber room.
  • There is only one true answer: he is the wonderful Sophist, of whom we are in pursuit, and who reappears again for the fourth time.
  • I was wounded at Maubeuge, or else I should have followed hard on the heels of that wonderful retreat of yours.
  • A man was standing against one of the pillars, talking to a tall, dark woman, obviously a foreigner, wrapped in wonderful furs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wonderful | Wonderful Sentence

  • What a wonderful name!
  • A wonderful week followed.
  • Then the wonderful thing happened.
  • He was already a wonderful mechanist.
  • It seemed such a wonderful beginning to any enterprise.
  • There was wonderful order in the seeming confusion.
  • And he had done a still more wonderful thing.
  • You never heard anything so wonderful in your life!
  • The wind whispering through the forest told her wonderful stories.
  • These friends will talk to you and tell you many useful and wonderful things.
  • Mr Memes illustrates their wonderful force and truth by a little anecdote.
  • Young man; I proclaim a wonderful future for the photo playhouse.
  • It was like a wonderful fairy-tale, to which Ida listened with clasped hands.
  • Mr. Ben Oates, indeed, told me some wonderful stories about it.
  • They shone only by the reflected light of this wonderful girl's first book.

Definition of Wonderful

(now rare) Tending to excite wonder; surprising, extraordinary. | Surprisingly excellent; very good or admirable, extremely impressive. | (dialectal) Exceedingly, to a great extent.
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