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  • But he had taken wonderfully to the kid.
  • My flight is all wonderfully arranged.
  • He has a wonderfully shaped head and profile.
  • That lit things wonderfully for us.
  • And she has gone a wonderfully long way toward doing it.
  • I am wonderfully well and flourishing, and have lots to do.
  • It was very filmy, very dainty, wonderfully expensive.
  • The air was keen, cold, and wonderfully pure.
  • I am wonderfully well, thank God!
  • How wonderfully well you look to-night, Beata!
  • Oh, yes, I am wonderfully lucky.
  • For a sly man La Certe was wonderfully credulous.
  • It has had a wonderfully calming effect on the neighborhood.
  • The firm throve wonderfully after he had been admitted into it.
  • I have recently had a wonderfully striking illustration of this.
  • You're looking wonderfully well.
  • For most women his ankle would have been wonderfully near the mark.
  • The fact is that mine got on wonderfully harmoniously together.
  • In the radiance of the porch-light stood a wonderfully attired stranger.
  • I have seen it myself, and it is indeed wonderfully well done.
  • Before them stood a huge chart, wonderfully executed in red, white and yellow.
  • For a time I seemed quite wonderfully able to do whatever I wanted to do.
  • He was wonderfully put out when he found that he'd lost one of them.

How To Use Wonderfully In A Sentence?

  • This legend is of wonderfully wide diffusion among savage and semi-civilised races.
  • The anecdote, concocted impromptu, was a wonderfully sustained bit of pure invention.
  • They are refined and subtle, trusting no one, wonderfully suspicious, and very devout.
  • The charming things, so delightful to say and so ecstatic to hear, are wonderfully tame to tell.
  • Tall and vigorous, wonderfully well proportioned, he challenged comparison with Antinoues.
  • If the furniture be mahogany, it will be wonderfully improved by being placed against a chocolate wall.
  • It is a wonderfully beautiful and touching little scene, and papa has described it so wonderfully.
  • There was a mist over his hard eyes, and wonderfully softened and improved those same eyes were in such unaccustomed setting.
  • They referred to some huge financial transaction, and were certainly in a hand that appeared wonderfully like my own.
  • The flesh is wonderfully painted, the figure lifts itself splendidly out from the dark but transparent background.
  • He is grievously overworked; still his health is wonderfully good, and his spirits as wild as if he were a boy again.
  • It is remarkable for bold imagination, wonderfully rapid action, and continued and absorbing interest.
  • His face was a fine one, and although not strikingly handsome, was wonderfully attractive and beaming with intelligence.
  • She is a lovely good little darling; as happy as possible, and wonderfully quick and intelligent for her months.
  • W. is grievously overworked, still his health is wonderfully good, and his spirits as wild as if he were a boy again.
  • The chapel is wonderfully magnificent; the three altars with their ornaments, and the statues of more than forty saints, being all of silver.
  • He had thick hair of that yellow over which age seems to have no power, and a rugged face, wonderfully lighted up by eyes of rare germander blue.

Definition of Wonderfully

In a wonderful manner. | To an extent inspiring wonder.
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