Woodcutter In A Sentence

How To Use Woodcutter In A Sentence?

  • Often indeed the broth was lacking if the woodcutter found no hare in the traps he set.
  • My lord, a good woodcutter is at the door and begs leave to come into your presence.
  • He is tall and strong, and brave and handsome; all that a woodcutter ought to be.
  • But it worried the woodcutter that Antone was ten years old and had not yet gone to school.
  • The next day the woodcutter kept the appointment, and received from Lei Kung a book.
  • The woodcutter laughed more than ever, for the miller's daughter was a bit of an heiress.
  • On the top floor you may see how the pioneer man worked here as a woodcutter and running flour mills and how the city came about.
  • The discovery of the body had been made by a Mexican woodcutter who was on the way to town with a load of wood.
  • The greatest marvel of all was, that no matter how much the woodcutter or his wife spent from these, the bags always remained brimful of gold!
  • The woodcutter and Babette came running to see what had happened, and at the sight of the second bag of gold the poor woman grew calmer.
  • Perhaps the woodcutter stole it, and I shall be obliged to pay for the velvet cap, instead of receiving a sum for making it.
  • The woodcutter grumbled, but he was a woodcutter of honour, and having said 'Yes,' he had to stick to yes.
  • Late in the evening the Woodcutter arrived at home, and scolded his Wife because she had let him hunger all day long.
  • A blast of wind rolls along, the firs bend as withes, and the woodcutter sees the wild huntsman and his rout reeling by in frantic haste....
  • At noon, when the woodcutter and his family sat down to dinner in the village inn, the landlord threatened to charge a penny from all who stood gazing through the windows.
  • Many years ago, a woodcutter and his wife, with their two children, Hansel and Gretel, lived upon the outskirts of a dense wood.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Woodcutter | Woodcutter Sentence

  • The woodcutter then disappeared.
  • The woodcutter burst out laughing.
  • You would not treat a poor woodcutter so.
  • Some careless woodcutter upstream had worked in vain.
  • Can a simple woodcutter help a Princess?
  • Then, luckily, I saw a woodcutter coming along.
  • Now it happened that very day that a woodcutter was working in the forest.
  • And ever after that the woodcutter and his wife were no longer poor folk.
  • Thus, the woodcutter says I had his ax, but what makes him think so?

Definition of Woodcutter

A person who cuts down trees; a lumberjack. | A person who cuts wood. | A person who makes woodcuts.
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