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  • With the woodsmen had gone my lord.
  • I guess the woodsmen had taken them, maybe.
  • The wood frog is known only to woodsmen and farm boys.
  • Even the most experienced of woodsmen may make a slip at times.
  • Among woodsmen the amenities of a camp are as scant as welcome is plentiful.
  • The eyes of woodsmen who seldom missed looked down the sights.
  • Do you think that a few woodsmen can stand in the path of Spain?
  • Someday the woodsmen of Uncle Sam come and fell that mighty spruce.
  • There were shouts of welcome when some of the old woodsmen saw Mr. Boone.

How To Use Woodsmen In A Sentence?

  • And somehow it had a sobering and softening effect upon the crowd of woodsmen that we were.
  • I could not discover what happens to the poor horses that help the woodsmen in their labours.
  • But his eyes shifted, and the keen and candid gaze of the woodsmen detected his paltering.
  • The boatmen and woodsmen who sometimes drifted into Denton were rough characters.
  • It is not in the nature of woodsmen to pry into another's reason for this or that.
  • While they were standing, the open pathway between them meant everything to their defenders and to the farmers and woodsmen about them.
  • The fire crew, hardy woodsmen and rangers, accustomed to severe toil, soon beat out what was left of the fire.
  • There were no woodsmen in Lonesome Water cunning enough to follow up his obscure and devious trail.
  • So that the people who had heard terrible stories of the wild woodsmen and who expected to be killed or made slaves, joyfully became Americans.
  • Getzloff, you old woodsmen from north Michigan pines, scout around here and find the cutting and that rear party.
  • His eyes and ears needs must be alert; no sharper woodsmen ever lived, than the keen wolfish Iroquois.
  • Whereas they often took two or three strokes to take off a branch, the skilled woodsmen with one swift, clean cut, lopped off a good thick branch.
  • The woodsmen and peasants can foretell quite accurately some weeks ahead when the main changes are due, which is of great help to the stranger as well as to themselves.
  • Not a man was in the camps, for, owing to reasons not to be comprehended by the public, the woodsmen of both operators had struck simultaneously and left the woods.

Definition of Woodsmen

plural of woodsman
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