Woof In A Sentence

Definition of Woof

To make a woofing sound. | The sound a dog makes when barking. | The sound of a dog barking.

How To Use Woof In A Sentence?

  • But my brawn is woven into the warp and woof of the fabric of your national being.
  • Its soul is too complex to adjust itself to the slimy woof of our social fabric.
  • Panto was indeed the mainstay of his business; it was even the warp and woof of his life.
  • What unseen thread runs through the woof of these natures, apparently so little alike?
  • It was equipped with a black warp, upon which a few rows of parti-coloured woof had been woven.
  • Now she explains the texture with a smile, And now the woof interprets with a tear.
  • The bellying sails and the woof of cordage aloft, seemed unsubstantial, like a gossamer weaving.
  • Of one thing only was he sure, Madelon had no place in this elaborate web and woof of crime.
  • We must use The warp and woof the ready present yields And toil while daylight lasts.
  • The youth in her still rejected the fact that the woof and warp of this adventure were murder and loot and pain.
  • This theory of human culture and its aims has worked itself through warp and woof of our daily thought with a thoroughness that few realize.
  • Here, amidst those darkened and brightened associations which are woven in the warp and woof of our deepest experience.
  • It lies at the basis this for every such man; it is the woof out of which his whole system of thought is woven.
  • And when she had heard it and tried the woof between her fingers, she got so glad that she too began to dance and sing.
  • Through the web and woof of human legislation began to run and shine and glitter the golden thread of justice.
  • Often the woof of gold strips was so solid and heavy that it was necessary to have a silk warp of six strands, to support its wear.
  • The people of these farm centers, will form the warp and woof of agricultural society, organized as a whole.
  • The eternal looms were weaving, the warp of her being, the woof of his being were drawn into the intricate pattern of human destiny.
  • And, his match being now burnt out, he saw light piercing through the loose and worn woof of the old stuff.
  • The instance of America occurred during this second stage in the weft and woof of tribulation which was at the root of our growth.
  • The sky grew paler and paler, and soon upon the woof of the clouds a splash of dull yellow showed where the sun would be.
  • The existing system of government is, in fact, a woof of inconsistency, from which no great harmonious tissue can proceed.
  • At each trip of the shuttle, the heavy reed is drawn back toward the weaver to push the last thread of the woof or filling firmly into place.
  • The variety of pattern is marvellous indeed, as Nature weaves with ceaseless industry the woof of progressive development.
  • And naturally and deftly I wove huge strips of imagination and sheer invention into the woof of every tale or anecdote....
  • The amount of shining phantasies that had interwoven themselves into the woof of the family destiny had become so much a part of the real fabric that they were indistinguishable from it.
  • The accumulated strands of the unconscious fear of generations have been twisted into the warp and woof of our mentality, and we find ourselves on the plane of reciprocity with disease.
  • In woof of insubstantial wear: Our ways are on the water sand, Our joy is in the desert air.
  • She laid aside her Sunday mantle, the scarlet woof which to spin, weave, and fashion, had cost her a world of pains.
  • The time had been too short to confirm all this sudden instruction into a reasoned and assimilated way of life; by no means had that superficial miscellany been rubbed into the warp and woof of her being.
  • Into the chain-threads of commercial enterprise was woven a woof of patriotic feeling and religious sentiment. VII.
  • True art must have the warp of materiality, interwoven with the woof of life, or else the coloration and designs of the imagination cannot avail to dower it with immortality.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Woof | Woof Sentence

  • This was the web and woof of our summer.
  • Truth has become the warp and woof of your nature.
  • The woof is wrought by the shuttle of everyday life.
  • Raffia is used both for the warp and the woof of the weaving.
  • So he turned away with a warning WOOF to Miki.
  • Like a thread in the woof it cuts the web of nearly every green.
  • Who stoops not either to bless or ban, Weaving the woof of an endless plan.
  • Speed ye, the well-spun woof out-drawing, speed ye, O Spindles.

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