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How To Use Woofer In A Sentence?

  • The meal was soon over, and Woofer began to strut up and down in front of the cabin.
  • Ted realized the danger in which he would stand if ever Woofer succeeded in getting him fast.
  • Be careful, and do not let Woofer see you alone, and if he lays his hand on you, scream for me.
  • He had so gained on Woofer that he could now see him dimly outlined against the sky in advance of him.
  • Once Woofer stopped and looked back to see if his escape from camp had been observed, or if any one was stirring.
  • When they were ready to start, Ted walked up to Woofer and the man who had come in with him in the night.
  • I'll bet Woofer is the chief actor, and that he's just met ther feller what brought ther poison out with him.
  • With a confident smile, Woofer drew in his rope again, coiling it, and making ready for another cast.
  • What could be easier than when Woofer heard them talking about their plans to ride out and meet a courier sent by Barrows to get the information?
  • He had not long to wait, for presently Woofer crawled out of his blankets on the far side, and began to wriggle away on his belly, like a snake.
  • Suddenly the tent flew apart, and Woofer appeared, carrying in his arms the insensible form of the Indian girl.
  • He was getting rattled, while Ted was gaining courage, and the rope did not come as accurately as when Woofer had not begun to grow weary.
  • Somewhere ahead, in the darkness, Ted heard for the first time the hoofbeats of the pony, and knew that Woofer had reached it and was away.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Woofer | Woofer Sentence

  • But Woofer was game, and came galloping back.
  • At the same moment the insensible form of Woofer slipped to the ground.

Definition of Woofer

An electronic speaker that produces low-frequency sound. | (Internet slang) A dog.
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