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How To Use Woolen In A Sentence?

  • She pulled out some brown woolen gloves from the pocket of her jacket, and drew them on slowly.
  • This was a heavy piece of woolen cloth worn over the shoulders, as a protection from the weather.
  • The winter after that, it was woolen they took, everything, especially mattresses.
  • In the garden he saw the rector in his usual house coat, a white woolen nightcap on his head.
  • His face and hands are black, his hair is singed; his woolen clothes are hot and burn upon him.
  • Copy in colors some good plaid design, that you can find in ginghams, in silk, or in woolen cloth.
  • The heavy woolen stockings, and perhaps the depth of the snow itself had protected the rest of them.
  • Lablache shrugged his shoulders with deliberation until his fleshy jowl creased against the woolen folds of his shirt front.
  • A tall man in uniform with the red triangle on his arm stood pulling off his woolen gloves and looking about him.
  • They were carrying great bundles of woolen cloth, richly embroidered and dyed with precious purple.
  • The fine snow that he inhaled with each breath stung his lungs and he tied his heavy woolen muffler across his mouth.
  • No longer could there be any doubt that he was a man, for as he ran the legs of his woolen pajamas showed beneath the white robe.
  • They came from his slender wages, from the tea and cotton and woolen goods that he used, the sugar and the coffee and so on.
  • The woolen clothing worn when we came on board ship had already become oppressive, the cabin thermometer indicating 72 deg.
  • The men dressed in homespun and blue jeans, the women all with full-bordered cape bonnets and home-knit woolen mitts.
  • Also she should be properly clothed; preferably in thin woolen clothes, wearing as little as possible, yet being comfortable.
  • Without moving from where she stood, the maid tremblingly drew her woolen shawl closer about her, trying to see the sofa on which the deacon lay.
  • A small black cloth cap rested on his venerable head, and his gouty, swollen knee was wrapped in a woolen blanket.
  • Make a large square bag of cotton, stuff it full of the needles, and inclose it in an outer case of soft thick silk or woolen stuff.
  • To-day he had not escaped, for, warm as the day was, heavy white woolen sox folded and festooned themselves modishly over the tops of his shoes.
  • She will never have a Christmas tree, nor hang up her stocking, nor have other presents than a pair of mittens or a woolen kerchief for her head.
  • He even removed the white woolen socks which Mandy, his wife, compelled him to wear in the winter season.
  • First the under ones of silver-gray or red woolen damask, adorned with flowers, and then the outside ones of brown, yellow and green cloth.
  • By spreading over us the heavy woolen blankets the Mounted Police use under their saddles, we slept in comfort.
  • The whiffletree of the plow or cultivator used should be carefully fendered with rubber or a soft woolen packing that will effectually guard against the carelessness of workmen.
  • It is very necessary for each person to provide himself with utensils for eating and drinking, also with a woolen blanket and some good shoes and some linen.
  • Roaring fires, hot supper, feather beds, and plenty of woolen blankets awaited the crowd from Milton at this backwoods hostelry.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Woolen | Woolen Sentence

  • Surely that was a woolen blanket.
  • Can you recall the feeling of woolen underwear?
  • It was made of bits of bright woolen cloth.
  • He can only be bound by a plough chain or woolen thread.
  • Plaiden, coarse woolen cloth.
  • She did come upon a white woolen bathrobe.
  • I never knew there were so many kinds of woolen cloth.
  • To further assist my family I knit woolen jackets.
  • Woman's woolen dress found in oak coffin.
  • You turn over and wrap the soft woolen blanket close about your chin.
  • The people on board are wearing clothes made of woolen bed blankets.
  • It was a short, hip-length woolen coat that could double as a hunting jacket.
  • Seventh Anniversary Woolen Wedding.

Definition of Woolen

(US) Made of wool. | (US) Of or relating to wool or woolen cloths. | An item of clothing made from wool
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