Word And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Word And | Word And Sentence

  • Word and shape of air!
  • It was a word and a blow then.
  • Both with word and in deed.
  • Give me your word and hand.
  • Word and tone are here too late!
  • He takes you at your word and sits down again.
  • He is a poet in very word and deed.
  • They took him at his word and rose.
  • One word, and over with it!
  • He took her at her word and departed.
  • Erick also had kept his word and was there.
  • He is a poet in very word and deed.
  • I then gave the word and we fired at them.
  • Let this be my first word and my last.
  • It was a by-word and a desolation.
  • In this case the word and the tone correspond.
  • The word and the sight convinced the most distrusting.
  • There was a welcome in her every word and look.
  • He spoke one word and she was free.
  • I had locked up his springs of word and thought.
  • Get the right word and fit it in right.
  • Robin took it without a word and read it through.
  • Frances assailed him with scorn of word and look.
  • Pause before the word and give it a salient stress.
  • In word and action they showed none of all this.
  • He misread every word and look.
  • That is a good word, and no more.
  • I have your word, and you have mine.
  • Raven noted the word and smiled slightly.
  • For each he has a kind word and some substantial aid.
  • He is the guardian of the word, and the compact.
  • Just a look, just a word and a look!
  • Just give the word, and they will know.
  • Augustus did not say a word and sat down in an arm-chair.
  • There will always remain surprises of word and deed.

How To Use Word And In A Sentence?

  • The men took them without a word and used them.
  • He clenched his teeth on the word and turned away.
  • Rynason turned without a word and went to the door.
  • Mariska took him at his word, and lay down again.
  • She had a little dreaded his first word and look.
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