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  • Do you notice how simple the wording is?
  • The wording of this rather pleased him.
  • Specific changes in wording of the text are listed below.
  • The wording was as Eustace had said.
  • The wording differs slightly in different States.
  • Specific changes in wording of the text are listed below.
  • Even the wording of his orders to his horse should be standardized.
  • The wording of the sign had been frequently and indifferently punctuated.
  • The wording of the girl's remarks was significant.
  • The wording of the charter by which the gift was made is quaintly interesting.
  • In case its exact wording should not be remembered, it is repeated here.
  • Alter the wording of the Theist's objection.
  • And Natasha began to dictate to him the wording of the letter.

How To Use Wording In A Sentence?

  • There only remains for me to give the wording of his official report on the matter.
  • Thus the wording of the message, which produced no more effect than a little disappointment.
  • John had great trouble in wording his replies so as to convey as little information as possible.
  • The wording here is my own, but it gives an idea of the way the conversation was drifting.
  • Naturally, the wording of some of the more ancient quotations is not always quite that of to-day.
  • A cheque differs from an ordinary commercial draft, both in its wording and in its purpose.
  • From the wording of these Acts it will be seen what witches were credited with doing.
  • It may seem that the wording of some of these sermons is beyond the grasp of the children for whom it was intended.
  • Then find the section or clause or wording in your state constitution that gives authority for each of these things.
  • This is evident from the wording of inscriptions which have been discovered, but particulars of the regalia are wanting.
  • Both the wording and the signature of many of his private letters are simple and unostentatious to a high degree.
  • Upon this succeeded the celebrated signal, the development of which to its final wording is a little uncertain.
  • It was in the writing of that letter that she took account of her actual self, for in wording it she had naturally summed up.
  • Nor was the battle merely for the wording of antiquated creeds or for the outworks of the faith, but for the very life of revelation.
  • This is the law of progress upon which all human affairs expand, and there is scarcely a difference in wording it.
  • The second most important feature is that the instruction card clerk always uses the same standard wording for the same instructions.
  • He has no facts with which to associate the wording of his story; he can only call it to mind as a whole, and not in detachments.
  • In general, only differences in wording are included; variations in spelling and punctuation were disregarded.
  • We may conclude by noticing a curious feature in the wording of David's prayer.
  • Safe to vote against all of them: difficult to know how you are voting, however: wording of amendments so confusing.
  • To avoid certain misunderstandings, some slight alterations have been made in the wording of the Canons.
  • Sometimes there is a daintiness and antique richness of wording that you can scarcely equal out of the highest of our Poets, or only in them.
  • For the moment, at any rate, all parties accepted it, so that the council had only to settle the wording of the new creed.
  • In wording his phrase he purposely went beyond the warrant, in order to rouse her to denial, or perhaps to indignation.
  • The young "writer" thought the "not available" slip had been written especially for him, and its wording flattered him to further submissions.
  • I have only taken the measures that are seriously urged for adoption in England and changed their wording to correspond to American conditions.
  • The wording of the letter from which No. 29 has been copied tells no tale of weakness, but the gesture which clothes the words is tell-tale.

Definition of Wording

present participle of word | A choice of words and the style in which they are used in a given context.
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