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  • Tell him to work the dodge this time if he can.
  • We could not work the teams.
  • He had been unable to work the spring.
  • Work the whole well together.
  • Other work the wind did finish.
  • Not their delight is it to work the limelight.
  • I tried to work the thing out algebraically.
  • An assistant to work the bellows is necessary.
  • Let them work in a gang if so they can work the better.
  • And very good work the pair often do.
  • Some one was there who could not work the instrument.
  • It was uphill work the whole way through.
  • To work the evil-thinkers woe.
  • One is by doing very good work, the other is by cheating.
  • He knelt down and tried to work the combination lock.
  • I can hold the joy stick or work the gun.
  • The whole work the surveyor performs is a sham.
  • This was her work; the fruit of her scheming.
  • We till or work the soil to produce plants.
  • In this work the submarine will stand in the first rank.
  • To work the soil, to labor.
  • You begin to work the first of one month.
  • That will make them work the coal-and iron-mines.
  • From the bank of this work the whole camp could be seen.
  • A few hundred men work the mine at fabulous wages.
  • The young to work, the old to rest.
  • But to live and work, the naturalist must be fed.
  • Well, you might let others work the mine for you.
  • Work the key slowly, to discover if there is lost motion.
  • The chief had said it must be team-work, the best.
  • Then comes the next main step in the work, the brief.
  • Of her work, the metrical legends seem her earliest effort.
  • To work the Pope and his disciples shame.
  • But Brock was not left to work the bellows in peace.
  • It's a hard job to work the tropics out of one's blood.

How To Use Work The In A Sentence?

  • From such a work the unity of Humanity might be revealed.
  • In the course of this work the word Rahan is often used.
  • The other half would manage to work the vessel to Europe.
  • If they don't go pretty soon, we'll work the scheme anyhow.
  • To feel the hot sun in my face as I work the trail!
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