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  • Yea, even workers have been known to smile.
  • These workers have highly-developed brains, but most of them die young.
  • Two classes of workers have not been considered--school-teachers and nurses.

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  • Today workers have this knowledge in a form that any machinist can use with a little instruction.
  • Many scientific workers have borne testimony to a similar habit of the cerebrum.
  • With a few significant exceptions, skilled women workers have been unable to do the same.
  • The drones have thirteen thousand eyes, while the workers have only six thousand.
  • Against this will-to-power of their employers the steel workers have fought long and valiantly.
  • It seems probable that these active workers have even succeeded in getting rid of sexual needs.
  • The Russian workers have shown that they are capable of wielding the "instrument of war" as well.
  • The Persian peasants and workers have risen against their traitorous Teheran Government.
  • And the outcome is that the steel workers have won a precious belief in the power of concerted action through the unions.
  • Piece workers have great freedom as to hours, and employers complain much of tardiness and absenteeism.
  • Trade unions for domestic workers have been formed from time to time, but their life has been ephemeral and their membership of the smallest.
  • For miles from the entrance saltpeter workers have dug down to a level where the amount of loose rock rendered further excavation too expensive.
  • Recent surveys of various types of workers have tended to show that syphilis in transmissible form is not especially prevalent among them.
  • I want no better clothing, no better food, no more comforts and conveniences than my helpers and fellow-workers have.
  • For if levying interest from capital is a sin, the workers have a right to revolt against social order, as it exists.
  • The vacation workers have always been regarded as members of the Oak Hill family and every personal want has been promptly supplied.
  • They are needed primarily to insure that in trades where the workers have no official organisation to guard their interest a living wage shall be secured for all.
  • Many workers have used the presence of a bifid subarticular tubercle beneath the fourth finger as a diagnostic character of certain species of hylids.
  • Individual workers have not always clearly recognized the principles involved in their work, but have proceeded as best they could under the special circumstances.
  • On the contrary they are keeping a large crew of organizers at work in an educational campaign, devised to maintain and develop the confidence the steel workers have in themselves and the unions.
  • The condition of the people among whom the work has been done, the methods of the work and the character of the workers have made the history of the enterprise anything but a common-place story.
  • On the one hand, the great mass of intelligent workers have no opportunity of securing an adequate reward for any special application of intelligence in mechanical invention or other improvement of industrial arts.
  • Besides, efforts were made to take every possible advantage of the fact that practically all the foreign workers have some slight smattering of English.
  • The women of our richer classes have been impotent by reason of their soft living; the women of our workers have had their vitality sweated out of them by their filthy labours; they could bear only dead things.
  • It is usual to explain this attitude by the fact that the manual workers 'have no stake in the country,' and might not find their condition altered for the worse by subjection to a foreign power.
  • A few skilled workers have come, but the rank and file in all the factories and shops were born in the State in which they work or in a neighboring State.
  • In line of communication canteens, located at railroad junction points, eighty-eight American women workers have served an average of 20,000 soldiers daily.
  • This house presents one of the rare instances in Spain, in which the Moorish stucco-workers have lent themselves to the rendering of Renaissance details.
  • The Persian art workers have accomplished the combining of varying blues most wonderfully and successfully: purplish blues next to green-blues, and sapphire-blues alongside; and blues seldom clash in the flower beds.
  • And when we insure that these same workers have ample time and opportunity for free and joyous recreation we shall have done more to kill the fascination of the white slave traffic than by endless police regulations for the moral supervision of the young.
  • The landowners, the farmers, and the agricultural workers have come to recognise that they all have something in common touching agriculture, touching the trade or industry in which they are brought into close touch day by day.
  • The number of women who have found themselves in circumstances to work openly, and whose spirit has been drawn into it, has largely increased, and as the workers have multiplied the results have increased.
  • Thus custom, ignorance, contentment, social prejudices operate in different ways and in different degrees to prevent women workers from claiming in higher wages that share of the increased capacity of the community for making wealth which men workers have been able to procure.
  • Hence, too, Virchow can have no independent views as to the historical development of the higher from the lower animals, because the abundant living forms of the lower animals are almost unknown to him, and because he has hardly any conception of the marvellous strides which hundreds of industrious workers have made in this very department within the last twenty years.
  • The majority of the works' officials, the clerical staff, journeymen, and the highly skilled workers have been imported from other industrial centres; the labourers and the less highly trained have been recruited wholesale from the villages and hamlets surrounding the town.
  • He does not work, yet he lives well; he has everything in abundance; delicate dishes, sumptuous furniture, elegant equipages; nay, he even consumes, daily, things which the workers have been obliged to produce by the sweat of their brow, for these things do not make themselves; and, as far as he is concerned, he has had no hand in their production.
  • I have heard it said that, deep down in coal mines, certain of the workers have seen wondrous sights; that when they have been alone in a drift, they have heard the blowing of the wind and the rustling of leaves, and suddenly found themselves penned in on all sides by the naked trunks of enormous primitive trees, lepidodendrons, sigillarias, ferns, and other plants, that have shone out with phosphorescent grandeur amid the inky blackness of the subterranean ether.
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