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  • To ascertain when rye works well.
  • This works well both for the guests and for the hosts.
  • Perhaps in the main the system works well.
  • If the paying-out only works well.
  • The logic works well; only there are some omitted factors.
  • He works well in the House.
  • It is well: it works well: let well alone.
  • To ascertain when Rye works well in the Hogshead.
  • It works well.
  • It cuts clean and works well under the tools of the carpenter.
  • If it works well we ought to finish them without the loss of a man.
  • The food control works well, so that there is no abundance alongside of famine.
  • If all works well, I'll have to spend a part of each year down here.
  • Her crew works well with heart and hand,
  • 'If he likes it, and works well, we will keep him.

How To Use Works Well In A Sentence?

  • The plan works well, for the natives are scrupulous in the payment of their debts.
  • Every man became his own master; and if that ever works well on land, it means disaster at sea.
  • I think I shall have some more money for you to put into the enterprise if the patent works well.
  • And provided there is no slip into a crevasse, the Providence theory works well.
  • It was not more than half a second, but nature's telegraph works well at such instants.
  • Sometimes she is rather vulgar, but even that works well enough into her character, and accords with it.
  • The people like the arrangement, the company like it because they make it pay, and the system works well.
  • Imagine a process of reviewing prescription drugs that goes like this: representatives from the drug company come to the regulators and argue that their drug works well and should be approved.
  • Such testimony would be good to prove that the freedom of the negro works well in densely peopled insular communities, where the pressure of population compels industry.
  • In many of the German states, as the author observes, the representative system works well; because the legislators have had the wisdom to connect the new with anterior institutions.
  • In short distance, high-speed machines it works well, but in the larger planes the vertical or V-type motor has been found to give greater satisfaction.
  • Who ever hearn of a leather button before, and it works well if you don't want to fasten the door tight.
  • Princess Louisa may not even have known of Goethe's presence in the camp, but she knew his works well and admired especially his shorter poems.
  • He died in March, after an illness of three weeks, saying 'that engine works well' (meaning one of his Colliery steam engines) as he lay in the stupor of Death.
  • That this feature of our Constitution should receive more attention than it does is evident when we reflect that a government works well in practice in proportion as its underlying philosophy and constitutional forms are comprehended by those who wield political power.
  • This divided responsibility, which, by old custom, works well enough in a body with established traditions, like the navy, was not a good scheme for controlling the unprecedented duties, or for encouraging the unexampled activities, of an air force.
  • What Americans commonly criticise in English statesmen, namely, that they habitually evade all arguments based on natural right, and defend every legal wrong on the ground that it works well in practice, is the precise defect in our habitual view of woman.
  • But suppose the less-gifted boy is fit for some manual labor; suppose he takes to carpentering, and works well, and keeps the house tidy, and every thing in good repair, while his brothers pursue their studies and prepare for professions beyond his reach: is the inferior boy degraded by doing the best he can?
  • Among other works well pleasing to his divine Majesty and cherished of our heart, this assuredly ranks highest: that in our times especially the Catholic faith and the Christian law be exalted and everywhere increased and spread as well as that the health of souls be procured, and barbarous nations overthrown and brought to the faith itself.
  • Lee was quick to perceive the seriousness of the situation, and during the night he placed a formidable force in Hancock's front, and by the morning of the eleventh the corps found a strong line of works, well manned, to oppose their further progress.
  • Among other works well pleasing to his divine Majesty, and cherished of our heart, this assuredly ranks highest that in our times especially the Catholic faith and the Christian religion be everywhere increased and spread, as well as that the health of souls be procured, and barbarous nations overthrown and brought to the faith itself.
  • At one end of a diameter it moves near to the excited plate of a frictional machine, while at the opposite end of the diameter is a strip of insulting material, opposite which, and also opposite the excited amalgam plate, are combs for conducting the induced charges, and to which the terminals are metallically connected; the machine works well in ordinary atmosphere, and certainly is in many ways to be preferred to the simple frictional machine.
  • And you rejoice to see Slavery banished, While the free servant works well as before, Confident, though many fortunes have vanished, Soon to recover all--rich as before!
  • I ha' been told, sir, that if I studies at books in all my spare time, and saves my money, and works well, I may get up high some day;" and the boy looked wistfully up in the master's face for a confirmation of what had been told him.
  • I may not be able to use it in my article, but any background material works well with writers of fact articles."
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