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  • To the world at large?
  • That is speaking of the world at large.
  • The world at the time was divided.
  • Something analogous in the world at large.
  • One world at a time is my doctrine.
  • And all that world at which my soul hath guessed!
  • The love world at large was aghast.
  • You owe a duty to the world at large.
  • They could be made to the world at large.
  • He too had a purpose and a value in the world at last.
  • Take me, and you have the world at your feet.
  • To the world at large this teacher was non-existent.
  • The world at large measures time by epochs and eras.
  • Were there no good, honest folk in the world at all?
  • She knew the emptiness of the world, at least in theory.
  • In the eastern world, at the sea-side was a rock.
  • So sweet his own self, such a world at home finds he.
  • He was irritated at nobody, at the world; at himself.
  • The way o' th' world at present!
  • In that case I should have no world at all.
  • It has made the world, at times, seem more decent.
  • Spectral, unreal, and hollow seems the world at dawn.
  • I consider America the country of the world at present.
  • Ever since then I have taken the world at second-hand.
  • I suppose we are all instinct when we have the world at our heels.
  • For him it would have been better not to have come into this world at all.
  • It seemed that in the world at large this faculty of hers was queer.
  • We are not to look hopelessly on the world at large or on our own friends.
  • The nation and the religion came into the world at the same time.
  • She was the sweetest young creature in the world at that time.
  • And what one believes and thinks affects the world at large.
  • And the world at large always acknowledges the rectitude of this appointment.
  • The world at present does not think much of masculine beauty.
  • A dollar ninety-five was all she was responsible for to the world at large.
  • It ought to be impossible to think the world at all without these concepts.
  • They of course did not present the matter in this aspect to the world at large.
  • The true significance of the breach the world at large did not divine.
  • It is nice to think that the boy is seeing something of the world at last.

How To Use World At In A Sentence?

  • The two rupees were all he had in this world at the time they wrote him the check.
  • What we ought to decide is what will be the least inconvenience to the world at large.
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