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  • SEE French, Thomas E. HOWARD, GRAEME K. America and a new world order.
  • After the War ORNAMENT FROM MATHEMATICS I. The World Order II.

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  • Any political ideal, or any plan for a world order, that would minimize patriotism is unnatural.
  • The Confucian tradition applied itself to a vaguely conceived but essentially unified world order.
  • The tentative steps towards world order, especially since World War II, give hopeful signs.
  • World order can be founded only on an unshakeable consciousness of the oneness of mankind, a spiritual truth which all the human sciences confirm.
  • And this achievement brings us in sight of the creation of a world-order such as the wildest dreamers of the past could never have anticipated.
  • Several speeches were made laudatory of the Covenant and expressing high hopes for the new world order.
  • There was a universal vague hope in a great moral peace, of a new world order arising visibly and immediately on the ruins of the old.
  • There was no alternative while the Chinese tried to found a new common sense in the discredited ruins of their old world order.
  • And I can convince myself no longer that effective labor for "a new world order" is possible as a servant of this Government.
  • We hope for a new world-order organized to make war impossible, inspired by a spirit of cooperation and good will between classes and between nations.
  • The hope for a new world-order which is the most significant spiritual event of our age, requires religion if it is to maintain itself and work powerfully for its own realization.
  • The perception of the world-order by the artist arouses an emotion to which he can give vent only in terms of number; but number is itself the most abstract expression of the world order.
  • If the physical part of the world-order is referred to the divine Will, the psychical part of it must be equally referred to {95} that Will.
  • He wishes you to explain and analyze the elements that help in raising this Divine World Order in the light of the present-day events and conditions in the world.
  • Since what was first wanted was the overthrow of the existing world-order, any kind of opposition to that order, no matter how remote doctrinally from Bolshevism, was grist to the Bolshevist mill.
  • The first disciples believed that they had the Master's authority for expecting the end of the existing world-order in their own lifetime.
  • Every neutral nation will suffer until a new world-order among nations is projected and perfected.
  • They feel themselves falling from their position; they are to be gods no longer, but are to yield to the world-order, based on a deeper law than theirs, which called them into being and now is preparing their dismissal.
  • Like any other narrative, the extreme counterculture's saga of a 'new world order', directed by the Bush family, had to be wrapped around the new data.
  • During the war years the Allied statesmen had officially proclaimed times without number that the war was being fought to establish a new world-order based on such principles as the rights of small nations and the liberty of all peoples.
  • We join with all who are the victims of aggression, all who yearn for an end to conflict and contention, all whose devotion to principles of peace and world order promotes the ennobling purposes for which humanity was called into being by an all-loving Creator.
  • The hope, the aspiration, for a new world order of peace and right and justice, however deeply and universally felt, was still only feeble and ineffective in comparison with the dominant national passions which found their expression in the peace treaty.
  • The apocalyptic prophecies of post-exilic Judaism, which were not based, like some political predictions of the earlier prophets, on a statesmanlike view of the international situation, but on hopes of supernatural intervention, had their roots in visions of a new and better world-order.
  • The doctrine of the Spirit as a present possession of Christians brings down heaven to earth and exalts earth to heaven; the 'Parousia' is now only the end of the existing world-order, and has but little significance for the individual.
  • There are many who doubt its adequacy; many who see that it has brought division and warfare, and think it unfitted to create unity; many who see that it has withdrawn from the world, and think it unadapted to provide the moral principles and spiritual energies of the new social and political world-order.
  • This paralysis is rooted, as we have stated, in a deep-seated conviction of the inevitable quarrelsomeness of mankind, which has led to the reluctance to entertain the possibility of subordinating national self-interest to the requirements of world order, and in an unwillingness to face courageously the far-reaching implications of establishing a united world authority.
  • If the basis of our faith in the world-order is the conviction that the Ideas of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful are fully real and fully operative, we must try to form some clear notion of what these Ideas mean, and how they are related to each other.
  • Modernism admits that He did not, but adds that if He had known that the Messianic expectation was illusory, and that the existing world-order was to continue for thousands of years, He would certainly have wished that a Catholic Church should exist.
  • A deep sense of this probably inspired Pater's famous saying that all art aspires toward the condition of music; for music, from its very nature, is the world-order uttered in terms of number, in a sense and to a degree not attained by any other art.
  • It is towards this goal--the goal of a new World Order, Divine in origin, all-embracing in scope, equitable in principle, challenging in its features--that a harassed humanity must strive.
  • The hope, the aspiration for a new world order of peace and right and justice--however deeply and universally felt--was still only feeble and ineffective in comparison with the dominant national passions which found their expression in the peace treaty.
  • The foundations of a more stable world order, by Ferdinand Shevill, Jacob Viner, Charles C. Colby, Quincy Wright, J. Fred Rippy & Walter H. C. Laves.
  • all the joint endeavours represented by such organizations prepare the path to world order.
  • Whatever our shortcomings may be, and however formidable the forces of darkness which besiege us today, the unification of mankind as outlined and ensured by the World Order of
  • Representing in a semi-official way the missionary societies of the United States and Canada, Dr. Robert E. Speer writes thus: "Foreign Missions are the direct antithesis of the world conditions which men most deplore and the purest expression of the principles which underlie the world order for which men are longing.
  • The Lesser Peace itself will pass through stages; at the initial stage the governments will act entirely on their own without the conscious involvement of the Faith; later on, in God's good time, the Faith will have a direct influence on it in ways indicated by Shoghi Effendi in his "The Goal of a New World Order".
  • ere His undisputed ascendancy is universally recognized, and the noble edifice of His World Order is reared and established?
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