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How To Use World Record In A Sentence?

  • And if you had put your full strength into it you would have made a world record.
  • The private diary of a resident of about 1850 would read like an old world record.
  • The man whose sight can pierce the heavy mists of the slavery struggle still so dense cannot find in the world record of glorious stands for countries doomed by fate superiors in moral worth and great exploit.
  • Here was the demonstrated fact that we, an unmilitary people, with a small population to draw on, had made a world record in sending the greatest armada that had ever sailed from one port to another in the history of man.
  • Dr. Cooke was so impressed by the number of feathered friends that we had gathered around us that he urged me to make a census of the birds living on an acre or two adjacent to the house, as he thought it probable that a count would bring us a world record.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For World Record | World Record Sentence

  • Records include 1912 world record for speed with passengers.
  • Its weight lifting ability was enormous, and it made a world record for flight.
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World Record in a sentence

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