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  • No more alien worlds for me.
  • Free from the worlds anxieties and fear.
  • Their worlds were very different worlds.
  • To the end of the worlds his retribution.
  • A jar of crashing worlds is in my ears!
  • Till Fate the curtain drop on worlds to be no more.
  • They produce only chemical compounds and worlds with their mountains and seas.
  • Little worlds will be subjugated by the bigger ones, and so on.
  • It would be fun to model these little worlds and set them up to cool.
  • And yet not so, since the world holds other greater worlds as well.
  • The only path of escape known in all the worlds of God is performance.
  • Effie May, encouraged, began shortly to seek new worlds to conquer.
  • Wouldst know the precious gift with which For worlds I would not part?
  • This means that Mr. Sassoon has still other worlds to conquer in poetry.
  • The sails were set, the pennons flew, And westward ho! for worlds unknown.
  • By whom also the worlds were made,'" I murmured.
  • Through death's portals I will fly Far to peaceful worlds on high.

How To Use Worlds In A Sentence?

  • It is out of their bosoms that the life and substance of all suns and worlds are drawn!
  • Cosmotheoros: or conjectures concerning the planetary worlds and their inhabitants.
  • It seems to be almost established by investigation and right reason that worlds die.
  • What is there in this whole world, or in the worlds beyond it, which has a will of its own?
  • Imagine this group sailing through the air, and you have the system of our worlds in miniature.
  • Not for worlds would he have put foot outside the trolley rails, but something had to be done.
  • Think, too, of the innumerable worlds amongst the stars, and the eternity of the past and future.
  • The words were scarcely out of my mouth than I would have given worlds to take them back again.
  • He would not for worlds that the poor Agatha should look at that merry-glancing, cruel sea.
  • You starry worlds that shine on this, One common Father know!
  • Is it not probable that just as all the worlds are made of the same materials, so the mixture of good and evil is much the same in all?
  • In a life that offered deplorably little of novelty and adventure she would not for worlds have thrown away such a chance.
  • For know that dreams are of two kinds: dreams of the worlds that were, and dreams of the worlds that are to be.
  • They had been fused, by some wonderful alchemy; and instead of being worlds apart, they were at one.
  • On the one side, the optimistic dogma that this is the best of all possible worlds is little better than a libel on possibility.
  • They now knew that, instead of being the centre of the universe, the earth was but one of many worlds whirling through space.
  • In man the elements of both worlds are united; by his body he is connected with the world of matter, by his soul with the world of mind.
  • An ancient Greek apparently was little haunted by these vistas of possibilities of progress through worlds beyond worlds.
  • No doubt in some of the worlds an epoch of life has been provided ten times as great, possibly a thousand times as great, as in other planets.
  • He would demand, that hour, his initiation into the worlds beyond our world; he was prepared to breathe a diviner air.
  • A custom 'tis of ancient date, Our lesser worlds within the great world to create!
  • Into what worlds had poor Frank been wandering as he stood watching the red lights dull into white ashes by the blue tiles of the hearth!
  • The present century was already well advanced before there was any solid ground for the belief that the worlds of space are made of analogous or identical materials.

Definition of Worlds

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of world | plural of world | to a great extent; much; far
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