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How To Use Wormed In A Sentence?

  • She had wormed herself into the services of this firm and that as an advertisement-adviser.
  • Pushing the lantern before him, he wormed his way until the light was blotted out.
  • Slowly he wormed his way upward until his middle balanced on the edge of the top tier.
  • His anger mounted as he climbed the wall and wormed his way through the narrow opening.
  • Then burrowing in the snow, he slowly wormed his head and shoulders underneath.
  • I wormed myself deep into the secrets of the palace, counselling all things for evil.
  • He wormed himself painfully into an overcoat which concealed his scarified shoulder, and went out.
  • Foot by foot, the men wormed their way over the dry sticks which choked the entrance to the cave.
  • Foot by foot he wormed his way back, until at last he had dragged the little animal ashore.
  • Henry wormed his way forward as far as he dared, hardly breathing, fascinated by what he beheld.
  • In the first place, they had wormed admittance through a fraud to Hildreth and me ...
  • Soon I worked or wormed out of the pines into the thicket of scrub oaks, maples and aspens.
  • Narrow, dark, it wormed its way through a cankered and little-traversed part of old London.
  • Ten yards, fifteen, twenty, and then Carmine wormed through and brought the runner to earth.
  • His mate wormed up the tilted yard and slashed, A rag of canvas skimmed like a darting bird.
  • He wondered if he had met the men in the hall as they were leaving the house, and had wormed out of them what they had been doing.
  • He wormed his way in and out of the shipping filling the harbor with the same instinct with which a pedestrian works through a crowd.
  • Creeping forward he wormed his way through the greener brush and finally peered through an opening among the stems and branches.
  • Judith meanwhile, being partnerless, had wormed her way down to the prefects who were leading the line.
  • He had not wormed his way into her heart by pitying her unhappiness, like the false guest who had emptied his lies into her ears.
  • We wormed our way to the front, with the cunning which is known only to cockneys, and once there we soon learned the nature of the difficulty.
  • Neither of us had grown stout with advancing years, and in a few minutes we both had wormed through into the sink, and thence to the floor.
  • Then one long gloating look he cast upon his victim, and turning, wormed his way with difficulty up the tree.
  • But as he did not happen to look quite so well this time, she condoled and wormed the reason out of Peter.
  • For nearly the whole distance all went well, our bellies clove to the dust like snakes, as we wormed our way.
  • The boy wormed himself forward, until he had gained the furthermost edge of the rock, which was flat-topped, like a table.
  • After traversing a fourth tunnel, they climbed out of the flood onto a dry passage, which wormed along, almost turning on itself at times.
  • I fought blindly to the sound of her voice, wormed between my screening rocks, and shouted as I stood up.
  • Another possibility was, that Kirkwood had wormed himself into Michael's complete confidence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wormed | Wormed Sentence

  • He wormed it out of me.
  • Then he wormed his way into the tunnel.
  • He wormed his way up the stairs in the shadow and reached the gallery.
  • As silently now as a shadow, he wormed his way forward as before.
  • Hester nodded toward the trail that wormed its way across the prairie.
  • Samba rapidly wormed his way through the forest back to the river bank.
  • He wormed his way through, and a moment later stood at the edge of the chasm.
  • And, having settled that, he wriggled through a crevice and wormed slowly on.
  • His fingers found the first hold, and he wormed his way into the shaft.
  • I wormed it out of Brenton, in the end, in spite of his growling.
  • And when there I made out John Gordon, and soon wormed the truth out of him.

Definition of Wormed

Affected with woodworm. | Infested with parasitic worms. | simple past tense and past participle of worm
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