Worrying In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Worrying | Worrying Sentence

  • Stop worrying about it.
  • He has been worrying about you for an hour.
  • I had an idea worrying me.
  • The pup was worrying it.
  • Pard was not worrying about anything.
  • It set me worrying of nights.
  • Here you are worrying over a little matter like food.
  • Then Lance asked the question that had been worrying him.
  • It's the murder case that's worrying you, and you know it!
  • He was worrying about Peter Rabbit.
  • I am worrying badly for Joyce Meredith.
  • I'm only worrying about the delay.
  • What's worrying me is the getting down there.
  • There's something worrying you.
  • Energy was accumulating in me, and worrying me for an outlet.
  • It's the worst worrying muddle ever happened.
  • The characteristic sound of a key worrying in the lock stole into my ears.
  • Here I have been doing a lot of unnecessary worrying about you.
  • When you're not working in an office, you're worrying over the rest of us.
  • He called me and said: 'Bunky, that loot is worrying me.
  • The sight reminded McGuffey of a terrier worrying a mastiff.
  • The night before the first breakfast I lay awake all night, worrying ...
  • But I'm worrying about your not seeing fresh water, Payne.
  • At breakfast the next morning he found Mrs. Brand worrying about her waitress.
  • I suppose you've been doing a lot of worrying on their account.
  • I'm even worrying a little about all my loot in those cases in the hold.
  • The only sound was of Lorenzo's worrying the last tough scrap of bone.

How To Use Worrying In A Sentence?

  • There was really no use to continue worrying himself to death and doing no good.
  • Mitch had never spent much time worrying about ethics and creeds and political philosophies.
  • The question of landing was worrying Grant at that time and worrying him terribly.
  • You see, for the first time in his life, Danny was worrying about someone else.
  • And Danny Meadow Mouse was just as foolish in worrying because his tail was short.
  • All this added a secret pleasure to the other motives he had for worrying her with jealous suspicions.
  • Approaching them, he discovered that that which they were worrying was nothing less than the corpse of a man.
  • It may be said that the fretting and worrying are the greater offence of the two: and this is very true.
  • A very worrying time our headmaster is having, taking it all round, in connection with this painful affair.
  • Pepys had many firm friends upon whom he could rely, but he had also enemies who lost no opportunity of worrying him.
  • One day as he was walking on the outskirts of the city he saw a large number of dogs gathered round some object, barking at it and worrying it.
  • He had occasion, later on, to recall each little incident of that evening, when worrying his mind over a most mysterious thing that puzzled him.
  • Three days passed, and notwithstanding the enjoyment, Sedgwick found that there was a good deal of trouble worrying the family.

Definition of Worrying

Inducing worry. | present participle of worry | The act of worrying or harassing somebody.
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