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  • I should have been worse off afterwards.
  • So much the worse for him!
  • There is something worse than all this.
  • England could have a worse one.
  • And the pain was worse than ever.
  • It is much worse than we ever imagined.
  • I will not say aught worse of him at present.
  • I have heard much worse wit even from noblemen.
  • She led us a worse life than ever over the drain-pipe.
  • And what is worse still, Sira has no fresh water.
  • Ye are worse than the Pagan Tartars.
  • How would you manage in worse difficulties? ANT.
  • And who'd be the wiser or the worse for it?
  • And the reality was far worse than my gloomiest anticipations had pictured.
  • A stupid woman with a sense of grievance is worse than an unchained devil.
  • It's an ugly mess, and liable to be worse before it's cleaned up.
  • But I've been in a worse fix.
  • A mannerism of this kind, bad in speech, is even worse in writing.
  • Besides, we wanted advice for Baby, who had been worse of late.
  • Things have become quite too bad here, and I am fleeced worse than ever.
  • Whatever happens, The thing can't be in a worse state than now.

How To Use Worse In A Sentence?

  • You know my mode of living here, and it is far worse in this cold stormy weather.
  • It was a thousand times worse than reeling, and my breath was taken away with the horror of it.
  • He was anxious that Gray should believe his foot was much worse than it really was.
  • I never wished you worse than myself; no, not when my poor baby died, and I could not weep.
  • Well, I'm off now, and I hope you aren't feeling any worse because of your visit.
  • Even if it were a thousand times worse than it is, it could be arranged in categories and explained by philosophers.
  • What he saw in our chambers was enough to send him home with his nerves seven times worse than when he came.
  • In reply he had received an invitation which had stung him worse than if she had written that she never wanted to see him cross her threshold.
  • She never thought of herself; but he had sometimes wondered what worse things could have happened if she had occasionally done so.
  • Washington in a letter certifies to his "great share in preventing worse extremities" and thanks him for his exertions.
  • Coloured tenants stand crowding better than white ones, and they will pay a better rent for worse housing.
  • Lyn was looking at me intently, and her voice was steady; that squeezed kind of steadiness that is almost worse than tears.
  • A load was off my heart when the dog came bounding to my side, none the worse for his brief encounter with an unarmed cowboy.
  • I require you to exert all your fortitude; you must not, in a scene like this, render yourself worse than useless.
  • Next morning Lumley complained that his foot was worse than ever, and that it would be impossible for him to mount the horse that day.
  • But worse than these were the daily outbreaks of the ill-feeling which always exists between Mussulman and Christian.
  • All she asked of life was work, and a worse infirmity than age put a stop to her working for us, or for anybody else, ever again.
  • It was the arm-chair which fell with such an appalling crash, and whether it were any the worse or no, I could not tell as it lay.
  • I came to be on the best of terms with hers, Bogie by name, a tall ungainly tabby, very much the worse for wear.

Definition of Worse

comparative form of bad: more bad | comparative form of ill: more ill | (obsolete, transitive) To make worse; to put at disadvantage; to discomfit.
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