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  • These deities were probably worshipped before the belief was reduced to a system.
  • None worship as the child-enthusiast save the enthusiast who worshipped even as a child.
  • Now a deity who is fixed to one spot will be worshipped by the people who dwell around that spot.
  • The other is a god too; all the gods he has ever worshipped he may on occasion worship again.
  • He, as well as others, had bowed down and worshipped a grey cat in the chapters.
  • The king also worshipped him, and went every day to adore him: but Daniel adored his God.
  • What he worshipped was not the bare object which met the eye and ear, but the thing as he conceived it.
  • What are the earliest gods of the land, and in what relation do the various gods which were worshipped in it stand to each other?
  • The sun and the moon were worshipped everywhere; each city had its own sun-god and its own moon-god.
  • A circle of gods is believed in, but one of them comes into prominence at a time and is worshipped as supreme.
  • No new religion can enter on its career on a soil quite unprepared, on which no gods have been worshipped before.
  • In many regions it has been shown that animals are worshipped as totems, and that the gods are invested with the shape of animals.
  • For she worshipped him in secret, grateful to him for lifting her out of the gutter, and regarded him as the arbiter of her destiny.
  • They decided that the gods of the Aztecs had once been living men and conjurors, worshipped after their decease.
  • The well, in a similar manner, may first have been worshipped in and for itself, and then a nymph may have been added to it.
  • Perhaps none of the gods was worshipped in so many different cities and villages, or possessed so large a number of shrines and rustic chapels.
  • Many beings were worshipped besides the sun; a number of prayers were addressed to the Creator and the sun and thunder.
  • In his imagination he had invested Grace with more than human attributes, and worshipped her from afar, as he would some angelic being.
  • His enemy is Gaunab, an evil being, and he is worshipped at the cairns, below which he is believed to be buried.
  • And Patrick replied that he adored no element, but that he worshipped the Creator of all the elements.
  • Was it any wonder, even though she might have been betrayed into a momentary tergiversation, that I bowed down and worshipped her?
  • The mystery sets forth Christ as a statue or image to be worshipped after the fashion of the Pagan world.
  • Probably both the Hottentot and the Egyptian legend were invented to account for the many worshipped cairns attributed to the same corpse.
  • The Bhutas of Hindostan are a species of malevolent spirit, which are worshipped as tutelary deities.
  • Anubis, the jackal, was "the lord of the grave," and dead kings are worshipped no less than gods who were thought to have been dead kings.
  • The one in man is worshipped or cultivated by attention to health; the other by attention to mental improvement or increased acquisition of knowledge.
  • The beasts are not worshipped themselves; they are only the emblems of the deities with whom they are connected, and it is the deity who is worshipped, not the animal.
  • The weakness of this view is that it involves a denial that the great powers of nature could be worshipped before the process of reasoning had been completed which led to the belief that they had souls or spirits.
  • This being gave life to the world and supported it, but they did not build temples to him or offer him any sacrifice; they worshipped him in their hearts as an unknown god.
  • The god of the sacred tree cannot be worshipped anywhere else than where the tree stands, and he who would have his wishes granted by the well must come to it.
  • Of these we shall find that there are several classes; and it will be necessary to notice the great discussions which have arisen on the question which of these classes of deities was first worshipped by man.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Worshipped | Worshipped Sentence

  • I worshipped her as she approached.
  • I could have fallen down and worshipped her.
  • The Babylonians worshipped the stars.
  • The tiger is very commonly worshipped all over India.
  • In China heaven itself is worshipped to this day.
  • But men found them out and worshipped them in the disguise they had assumed.
  • They worshipped a cat which sometimes appeared in their chapters.
  • Madame Palffy worshipped at the twin altars of velvet and gilt paint.
  • In connection with sheep, again, Apollo was worshipped as the ram Apollo.

Definition of Worshipped

(Britain) simple past tense and past participle of worship
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