Worthily in a sentence

Definition of Worthily

In a worthy manner.

How to use Worthily in a Sentence?

  • They themselves scarcely knew the significance of the step or how worthily they presided over it.
  • But she was determined to act her part as wife and empress worthily to the end.
  • This is not to say that they will be worthily loved or loyally: there are two sides to a bargain.
  • The schools should render every student capable of filling some place worthily in the industries.
  • Such was the man who worthily upheld the traditions of his order during the Reformation troubles.
  • A great drive, and a great coachman, worthily carrying on the good old traditions of the road.
  • You may be worthily wedded in France, and I will take order for your safe going.
  • Certainly he was not a man of sufficient ability worthily to hold the scepter of so great an empire.
  • How to represent this worthily the artist knew not; and yet he was determined to represent it somehow.
  • You were shaping yourself for a wider and loftier adventure, which would crown more worthily your matured manhood.
  • I urged the deep responsibility of the nation to the world and to all posterity worthily to fulfil the great object of the testator.
  • I exceedingly rejoice in your blessed and admirable souls, because ye have so worthily received the grace which was grafted in you.
  • At the same time the care of the sanctuary is his most sacred duty, and is assigned to him that it may be punctually and worthily discharged.
  • Are we giving to the state the children that may worthily fill our places and take up and carry forward the work that we have begun?
  • Yes, I confess, I love you with the whole fire of love, but I feel I am not worthily yours.
  • My kinsman, the name of my race and your own, worthily mingled in your own person, now rests with you!
  • The greatest event in our history, as the writer finely observes, cannot be worthily commemorated by any timid compromise.
  • Had Ligorio given to literature the sympathetic imagination which he displayed in his art it might have been worthily revealed.
  • In directing his shafts against humbug, pretension, and falsity he worthily carries out the true vocation of the comic writer.
  • For this splendid service he was worthily rewarded with the honour of knighthood from the British Crown.
  • M. Barni has worthily commenced the useful and difficult enterprise which we have remitted to his zeal, and pursues it with courage and talent.
  • She comes worthily through the ordeal, earns the affection of her cousins, and Jack rejoices in the recovery of a lost sister.
  • In his upright and courageous conduct he has been worthily emulated by his successor, Coffey, whose demise occurred only in the present year.
  • But the Rebellion placed stars in many shoulder-bars, and few were more worthily designated than this young Pennsylvanian.
  • We now present this letter to the public to show how worthily one of the last days of Mr. Webster was employed.
  • Returning to the College de Clermont, he now thought of nothing but of preparing to receive worthily the holy orders.
  • How Lycidas finds his true level in this new world and worthily maintains the Salopian tradition is the theme of this most entrancing book.

Short Example Sentence for Worthily

  • And worthily his state maintained.
  • Which confidence is worthily bestowed.
  • If they died, they died worthily of Canada.
  • I certainly think that your efforts might have been more worthily engaged.
  • This day the work displayed worthily followed the promising preface.
  • If he finds the charcoal burner worthily employed, let him bestow it upon him.
  • But we most worthily confess that He is the most excellent of all things.
  • My children have worthily celebrated the anniversary of the battle of Marengo.
  • You have worthily engaged in the holy work of God as becometh the saints.
  • Then hearken thou unto this task, and show If worthily thou art reputed mine.
  • Truly, Winchester is worthily called the first city of the Saxons.
  • No accessible portrait of Margaret Fuller exists, that worthily presents her.
  • A Town Gate, signed and dated 1654, worthily displays his powers.