Wrapping In A Sentence

Definition of Wrapping

present participle of wrap | The material in which something is wrapped.

How To Use Wrapping In A Sentence?

  • The wood below was wrapping itself in mystery, and her eyes attempted to fathom its fastnesses.
  • He unfastened it and twisted it tight to the spikes, wrapping it close about one after the other.
  • He tore a strip of wrapping paper from the open box near him and wrote rapidly on it.
  • Annie lay down on her bed, taking the clothes and wrapping them tightly round her.
  • In either case new wrapping is required at a precarious time, according to old methods.
  • At nightfall they lit a fire, and, wrapping themselves up snugly, had gone fast asleep.
  • Certainly not unconsciousness, because he could feel Reuben wrapping some cloth around his legs.
  • She rambled on while Rosie splashed Geraldine and then began wrapping her in a towel.
  • Towards midnight then Godfrey dressed, and, wrapping himself up warmly, went on deck.
  • He had risen and was wrapping his serapa around him, when he perceived for the first time that he was not alone.
  • The girl had cleaned her knife in the brook and was now wrapping it in the apron, together with the remains of their repast.
  • Something hard and enormously powerful was wrapping his waist with a vise-like grip that threatened to cut him in two.
  • Practical results have been secured in increasing the distributed inductance by wrapping fine iron wire over each conductor of the line.
  • I wrote them down on pieces of wrapping paper that the jailer occasionally covered the food-basket with in lieu of newspaper.
  • Then he put on his coat and threw himself on the floor, first wrapping the rope about his wrists to deceive the guard.
  • And wrapping both arms round her now, he pressed on brow and lip and cheek kisses that were abundantly reconciled.
  • The bulk is thus enclosed in a wrapping of sheets, and any splinters or other deleterious substances are confined to the surface of the mass.
  • The old time wrapping of twine or of raffia had to be released in order to allow growth at the point of union of scion and stock.
  • Besides writing and wrapping papers and the various kinds of board, there are many sorts which are used for special purposes.
  • Suddenly she felt old and lonely, and wrapping a shawl round her shoulders, went out to her seat on the veranda.
  • The cut or ringed area is treated with a hormone powder, wrapped in sphagnum moss and covered with a wrapping of polyethelene.
  • The fish they cooked in much the same way, wrapping them in big green leaves and setting them upon the hot stones to bake.
  • When she removed the wrapping paper a red morocco case appeared, and around it was tied a note without a personal address.
  • Will always carried a piece of waterproof cloth, to be used for wrapping around his precious camera on occasions when it was threatened with rain.
  • And it was most fortunate that I had put this coat on, for it now served a good purpose in wrapping up the boy.
  • This consisted in covering the entire graft, buds and all, with melted grafting wax and including also all of the wound and wrapping of the stock.
  • A convolvulus had climbed to the sundial, wrapping it round and round, and had laid its bold white trumpet flowers on the leaded disk itself.
  • Sirr stooped to pick up the keys, which had been tossed to his feet, and, wrapping himself in a rag of dignity, proceeded to examine the premises.
  • She drew herself up, with a gleam of pride and pleasure; she nodded an assent, and wrapping her shawl around her, she turned away.
  • The dauntless Oswald took off his jacket, and, wrapping it round his fist, shoved at the pane nearest the window fastening.
  • Langelley, armed with a club for a riding whip, placed himself at the head of the cavalcade, Delaitre warmly wrapping Mme.
  • Gordon had almost finished caring for the horses before Bull placed the note in his shirt pocket after carefully wrapping it in a piece of newspaper.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wrapping | Wrapping Sentence

  • The old fear was wrapping itself about him.
  • While he was wrapping up the rings he went on talking.
  • Then she unfastened the wrapping of the second package.
  • It was wrapping him round like a sable pall.
  • Cedric took the gift, wrapping it beneath his cloak.
  • The book was wrapped up in a large money plant leaf instead of wrapping paper.
  • I then shall be, wrapping thee in The pity at whose touch dies every sin.
  • The Jew gave Fred his bill, scrawled on a piece of wrapping paper.

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