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  • The conflagration of her wrath is in her glare.
  • Then a howl of wrath went up to the heavens.
  • A sacred wrath which sanctifies and heals.
  • Lawrence smothered his wrath and said nothing more.
  • But with inward wrath they endure in silence.
  • Their wrath is at least of a bold and manly cast.
  • The doctor waited a minute then his wrath burst forth.
  • But Lance was angry, and nursed his wrath a long time.
  • Iemon was looking at her in greatest wrath and astonishment.
  • She was conscious that within her the cup of wrath was overflowing.
  • A quiver of wrath and loathing contracted her brow and lips.
  • He longed for the jungles and some mad beast to vent his wrath upon.
  • Envy and wrath shorten the life, and carefulness bringeth age before the time.
  • It would be something to let go the pent-up wrath of two years.
  • Now the wrath of Aronach appeared too profound for utterance.
  • He was plainly angry and appeared to direct his wrath at Wallie.
  • Deign to visit the wrath of O'Iwa San on these vile wretches.

How To Use Wrath In A Sentence?

  • Griffiths sat down on the edge of the cabin, head bowed on chest, in silent wrath and bitterness.
  • The wrath of God was kindled, for some reason which she knew not, against unhappy motherland.
  • But the fair garland whose undying green Not time can change, nor wrath of gods or men!
  • Thus in the providence of God does the wrath of man work out His purpose and praise.
  • Ghastly was the ruin that escaped, and awful was the wrath of the Bazar-Sergeant.
  • One day he saw an Egyptian smiting a Hebrew, and in his wrath he slew the Egyptian on the spot.
  • The feeling of helpless wrath in which he now looked after the party was a sensation that he had experienced only a few times in his life.
  • Did he really extract the vials of such exquisite and unprovoked wrath from the essence of infinite goodness itself?
  • He has also the spirited bearing of one who fears neither the rage of a lion nor the wrath of a king.
  • The priest demanded this sacrifice to allay the wrath of the gods for the slaying of a man in consecrated ground.
  • What could be seen of the young man's face was full of smothered wrath and disappointment.
  • He is stirred to his inmost soul with wrath and indignation against this ruthless traitor, even when the fates have laid him low.
  • His bishop had undeservedly humiliated him and thus aroused in the heart of the naturally meek man intense wrath and a boundless desire of revenge.
  • In Phigalia the myth of the wrath and reconciliation of the goddess assumed a brutal and unfamiliar aspect.
  • There was no limit to Martha's wrath when she learned that she was going to be left behind.
  • Davenant, too, panted, but his wrath that had flared up like a rocket had already come down like a stick.
  • Why should it excite his wrath to see a family in the woods, by some babbling stream, talking, laughing and loving?
  • Heavy and sullen by nature, her wrath came to a head hours after the provocation, burning with a steady heat when others were cooling down.
  • Great was the astonishment, but greater the wrath of Pompey, and dire the vengeance that he denounced against his assailant.
  • He wreaked his wrath upon the beginners of the affray, and Columbine and myself were discharged, at once, from the company.
  • She must brave Aunt Sarah's wrath if the old lady took a harsh view of her conduct.
  • He threw all their guns overboard, and bade them beware how they provoked the wrath of the First Consul by plundering his allies.
  • She lapsed into silence, letting him rage on, seething in his wrath at the Janneys, the Whitneys, herself.

Definition of Wrath

(rare) Wrathful; very angry. | (obsolete) To anger; to enrage. | (formal or old-fashioned) Great anger.
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