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  • No heavier than they wrongly wreak on me!
  • In the hurricane riot and wreak of the gale!
  • Now he will be able to wreak his vengeance upon you.
  • I had risen again from the dead to wreak my vengeance.
  • He had come back to wreak his revenge on her.
  • Come not in power to wreak so wild a vengeance!
  • What torment wilt thou wreak on him?
  • To wreak on thee the wrongs that thou hast wrought?
  • And wreak thy needful wrath on my resigned breast!
  • He would arise to wreak his father's blood.
  • To wreak such vengeance on the Spaniard added a real zest to life.
  • So Heaven was pleased To wreak some old offence upon our race.

How To Use Wreak In A Sentence?

  • It is a part of their self-sustaining nature and towering spirit to wreak their own will.
  • They even wanted to wreak their unreasoning vengeance on this innocent dumb brute.
  • Too probably the governor and priests would wreak their vengeance on his wife and father-in-law.
  • With a badge alone, you can basically wreak havoc, take a terrible vengeance on wrongdoers.
  • Kapor has not had to strain his resources to wreak a thorough transformation in cyberspace politics.
  • And now some of the planters longed to wreak vengeance on a ruler who had dared to thwart their will by emancipating the slaves.
  • Evidently he was only deferring his vengeance, and intended to wreak it on his young prisoner the next day.
  • It seemed as if the entire city had determined to wreak vengeance upon us for all the misdeeds of the entire criminal bar.
  • With his waking there came the thought of his young circus captive, and the vengeance he intended to wreak upon him.
  • The great noble who seeks to destroy the poor young man from the country is powerless to wreak harm upon him.
  • If man was so perverse that he needed to be destroyed, why wreak vengeance also on the animal creation that had not sinned?
  • There was no sound of an alarm yet, no cries to suggest that the fiends had rushed up the stairs to wreak their savagery on a defenseless woman.
  • I have seen much time lost in the court by striving to wreak their passions, with which these unfortunate inhabitants are greatly intimidated.
  • In the fury of combat he had been ready, even eager, to wreak any possible damage to his opponent by fighting.
  • Some of the white boys resolved to use these to wreak the camp's displeasure on the Galvanized.
  • Garman, for the nonce a jungle beast running wild with the reek of rage and lust about him, had had hours of opportunity to wreak his revenge.
  • Olive Castlemaine had promised to be his wife, and thus he would be able to wreak the vengeance over which he had brooded.
  • Perhaps she is the victim of one upon whom God will wreak his vengeance forever, though society has for him scarcely a frown.
  • There was in his air always a suggestion of ruthless strength, even of lawlessness, as of one who would wreak his will, reckless of consequence.
  • Mariuccia opened, and I knew by the sound of the stick on the bricks that the lame count had come to wreak his vengeance.
  • The men wanted something on which to wreak their spite against adverse fortune, and as Monty was unpopular and friendless he was made the victim.
  • I grew angrier and angrier, and resolved to show them that I was made of sterner stuff and at the same time to wreak my resentment upon them.
  • If they had any they brought it, not daring to refuse for fear lest a German sergeant-major should be sent along to wreak vengeance later.
  • On the third or fourth evening the sharks and porpoises appear, having followed the "schools" in from the sea, and wreak fearful havoc among them.
  • I have killed all the chevaliers of Malta who have fallen into my hands, because I have a terrible vengeance to wreak on that order.
  • Glaring first at the spectators like an angry cat, Lola next glared around the stage for a weapon wherewith to wreak her fury upon them.
  • The Sioux had to pass that way, and, espying the wigwam, turned aside to wreak their vengeance on whomsoever it might contain.
  • The men were all in good humour, though they yet meant to wreak their vengeance on Chard and Hendry for the murder of their shipmates.

Definition of Wreak

(transitive) To cause, inflict or let out, especially if causing harm or injury. | (archaic) To inflict or take vengeance on. | (archaic) To take vengeance for.
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