Wreath In A Sentence

Definition of Wreath

To place an entwined circle of flowers upon or around something. | (transitive) To wrap around something in a circle. | (intransitive) To curl, writhe or spiral in the form of a wreath.

How To Use Wreath In A Sentence?

  • The winners are crowned with a wreath or branch of the plant sacred to the god.
  • Airy and unsubstantial as a wreath of mist, they often wandered on the surface of the earth.
  • Not a living being showed itself, not a single smoke wreath was rising in the air.
  • Plan one autumn leaf dance in which each girl receives a wreath of autumn leaves from her partner.
  • The victor may find his wreath at any time of year, for our laurel has it ready.
  • So he took off her wreath of white daisies and placed it within his jacket, close to his heart.
  • To wear the wreath of withered flowers, That crowned her in the bridal hours?
  • But no sooner was one wreath of foam passed, than another, more threatening still, arose.
  • Now and then she tossed a handful of corn to her quacking geese or played with a wreath of wild daisies.
  • On his head is either a cap of jackrabbitskin in which is stuck an eagle feather or a sage wreath with down attached.
  • His melodious harp and his rich voice would ring out once again, and hers would be the hand to crown him with the wreath of victory.
  • She was clothed in white satin, and a faded myrtle wreath was twisted through the powdered locks beneath her sweeping veil.
  • Peer waded and waded through deep snow to the well for water, and his beard hung like a wreath of icicles about his face.
  • A half dozen troopers had already dismounted, and were scaling the bluff to where a small wreath of smoke was seen curling.
  • Here was the corner Hermes, before which he had sacrificed the day he won his first wreath in the public games.
  • A beautiful wreath of laurel hung from the south gallery, marking with mute eloquence the vacant pew of the dead poet.
  • In her dress of green and silver, with a wreath of leaves in her hair, she reminded him again of a flower, but of a flower of foam.
  • All, or nearly all, who made that wide investing terrace a wreath of brightness and beauty, were dead to pity.
  • Around the men twined a wreath of young girls, holding one another by the hand, and twirling in a contrary direction.
  • In the centre of the window, on a raised background of silver paper, was displayed a wreath of orange-blossom veiled with tulle.
  • He has a plain wreath around his head, and his shield, which has no armorial bearings, is slung on his left arm.
  • Dan Anderson blew a faint wreath of blue smoke up toward the blue sky and remained silent for a time.
  • Matching action to the song, they threw over the victor crowns and chains beyond number, till the parsley wreath was hidden from sight.
  • The princess, as kinswoman of the late general, bent low, and first laid on the dead body the wreath she had brought with her.
  • At the foot of the statue hung a wreath of purple asters, dead and dry, but he plucked it asunder and set many blossoms in his breast.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wreath | Wreath Sentence

  • Too large for wreath of modern wont.
  • A wreath of natural or artificial wheat ears.
  • And hang my wreath on his world-honored urn.
  • She laid the scarlet wreath upon his hair.
  • The elder tore the wreath from his head and fled the Bema.
  • I think a commonplace wreath and some lettering were substituted.
  • She had a flower in her hand, and a wreath of flowers in her hair.
  • The wreath which lay on shrine that day, at vespers bloomed no more.
  • While the people waved and sang, she placed a wreath of laurel upon his head.
  • She wore to-night the white silk dress and the wreath of little white roses.
  • A figure well beloved was taking the wreath and mounting the Bema.
  • No flower for beauty's meed, No wreath for poet's high renown.
  • Hath Phoebus given thee boon Of wreath and posy, fillet and festoon?
  • When Haensel's basket was full, Gretel's wreath was finished.
  • When thy sweet fanes with many a wreath were bright, O Venus Amathusia!

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