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  • But our laurel wreaths are doffed.
  • On the gilt panels of the walls were wreaths of red roses.
  • Above the crowd floated wreaths of rank tobacco smoke.
  • The wreaths which never fade, of heavenly blooms!
  • Across the empty field thin smoke wreaths came drifting.
  • All the rosy wreaths are fading, Fading on thy brow.
  • How should we rejoice not, if her wreaths renew their flowers?
  • The grim brick facade is festooned with wreaths of freshly-plucked roses.
  • Parian wreaths were very white because the marble of Paros was pure.
  • Also there were wreaths about and I could find no trace of sawdust in them.
  • Sir Arthur explained that two or three wreaths had come late in the evening.
  • The girls wore wreaths upon their heads and danced around the May pole.
  • Behind her came Powlyne, Pomp, and Plato, carrying wreaths of holly.
  • And wreaths of blessing, from Olympus' height Shower treasures down.

How To Use Wreaths In A Sentence?

  • The heathens brought wreaths and stretched out on their stomachs flat on the ground.
  • First, it was curious that the wreaths which came that night should be left in the hall.
  • At every step we dislodge the glistening wreaths of snowy flakes from the bluish raspberry canes.
  • The ribbons and wreaths danced in the breeze, but the white linen was bare of a single loaf.
  • The room was decorated with festoons of evergreens, wreaths of holly, and bunches of mistletoe.
  • As they approached Edinburgh, they could see that white wreaths of smoke circled the Castle.
  • It was almost dark now, and the white mist from the forest slid in ghostly wreaths past the little factory.
  • A faint, vaporous mist obscured the horizon and floated in tangled wreaths upon the face of the sea.
  • The youthful bearers had wreaths of flowers on their heads and blue silk ribbons about their waists, the ends of which hung down.
  • The great trees were girt round about with mosses or wreaths of ivy that betokened their age, and their foliage was bright with the hues of autumn.
  • So he lay back, letting the smoke thicken in the atmosphere, while he followed the fantastic wreaths lazily with his eyes.
  • Little bunches of sweet-smelling herbs hung in the peak of the roof, and wreaths of fragrant berries were strung in various parts of the house.
  • And on one side and on the other side the windows looked out upon the wide lawn, with its giant oaks hung with grey wreaths of moss.
  • High curling wreaths of smoke wind upward from the flat swamp lot beyond, where hilarious boys enjoy both work and play in burning off the brush.
  • There were wreaths to-night in the club windows, and when Sands opened the doors there was a mass of poinsettia against the hall mirror.
  • The bonnets are either white satin, or tuscans trimmed with white ribbon, and wreaths of white flowers are fashionably arranged on the left side.
  • In a niche in the wall over that spot, was placed the bust of Dante, surrounded by laurel wreaths and flowers.
  • But when a man gets a pile of Christmas wreaths a mile high on his head, he begins to wonder what they will bring on the market.
  • The Kabyle attendant slipped here and there with the coffee cups, and the wreaths of smoke curled lightly upward towards the wooden roof.
  • One would not believe that those white-clad girls with wreaths of flowers on their heads were carrying the soulless body of a beloved being to the grave.
  • Round the piazza were placed rich banners of Florence and Tuscany, the poles of which were festooned with wreaths of laurels and flowers.
  • You had gotten to where the little boy and the little girl were knocking at the door of the big house with the wreaths in the windows, and it was snowing.
  • She had hoped to find it as delightful as in those happy days before the war, when she played at kissing games and twined dandelion wreaths in her hair.
  • A great crowd gazed from a respectful distance at the house of such a grandee; the palace shone with multi-coloured lanterns and wreaths of flowers.
  • We had a beautiful funeral for him, and made wreaths to lay on his grave, and planted the prettiest flowers we could dig up out of our gardens on it.
  • When peace resumed her joyous reign, With laurel wreaths and twining bays He sought less active life again.

Definition of Wreaths

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wreath | plural of wreath
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