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  • But there is yet another and worse wresting of the text.
  • In neither of the three is there any strain or wresting of the sense.

How To Use Wresting In A Sentence?

  • Gradually the problem of wresting a living from the soil broadened and deepened until it assumed alluring proportions.
  • The government is not one party in opposition to another, so that both are engaged in wresting something from each other.
  • In like manner, the attempt to express one war in terms of another is apt to lead to a wresting of facts.
  • By wresting education from the clergy, who only cripple the intellect of youth, progress aims a death-blow at mental degradation.
  • Burning to immortalize himself by wresting from the mysterious river its immemorial secret, Burton now planned an expedition for that purpose.
  • He had a faculty of rising to each successive crisis which confronted him, wresting victory from the most adverse circumstances in a way worthy of the highest admiration.
  • But above all he felt the disgrace incurred by his own country in forcing upon a weak and friendly power a desolating war for the sole object of wresting from it a territory to be peopled by slaves.
  • Many collisions, possibly avoidable, have resulted in wresting from the negroes concerned excessive damages which go to increase the returns of the courts.
  • Whether they failed or succeeded in wresting the independence and ideals of Ireland for a while from the fell clutch of circumstance, they live with their race forever.
  • And how strange it was that, instead of having been forced to reveal his own secret, he had succeeded, almost by chance, in wresting a secret from his friend!
  • It was true that the British troops held no more ground now than they did at the end of the first year of the war, but no efforts of the colonists had succeeded in wresting that ground from them.
  • The fellow in front made a spring at the lieutenant with the evident intention of wresting the revolver from him; but Deck was too quick for him, and fired.

Definition of Wresting

present participle of wrest
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