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  • They wrestle with villains.
  • I have no desire to wrestle with you for justice.
  • He sat down to wrestle with his pipe.
  • You must wrestle with your second self.
  • But she would now soon wrestle with it and conquer it.
  • Not always doth it wrestle with the storm!
  • Thanks be unto God, we can wrestle with thee in prayer.
  • I mean to stay, And wrestle till the break of day.
  • I set myself to wrestle with Caliban. . . .
  • He certainly did wrestle with the flesh and blood in himself.
  • Dick's wrestle with his picture is another matter.
  • You cannot wrestle with impossibilities, you cannot make facts to pattern.
  • For we can wrestle and fight, my boys, And jump out anywhere.
  • I just wrestle with the words the best I can in plain American.
  • For your salvation, You wrestle with Apollyon for your soul.
  • For now was the hour of trial, the wrestle of Olympian Zeus with Ahura-Mazda.

How To Use Wrestle In A Sentence?

  • And he would jump and run, and wrestle so roughly he would break all the vessels in her basket.
  • They knew that he could wrestle with what he called his "blue devils" more successfully alone.
  • It was not a wrestle or a struggle; it was an uplifting of her being into a fellowship with God.
  • It is in no sense an inspired wrestle with the reality of India; and in that it is typical.
  • They finally tangled in a wrestle for the instrument, and Thorndyke took it away from her.
  • Or worse still, he might wrestle with a pliant Stephen who promised him glibly again.
  • In the time of the Shogunate these champions used to wrestle before the Shogun.
  • A glance was sufficient to show me that I was looking at a man in wrestle with his God.
  • Did not Jacob wrestle in prayer with the angel of the Lord, all the night long?
  • Another time, when the shepherds were wrestling, Corydon challenged Calidore to wrestle with him.
  • The story of the wrestle with these and other disabilities during the next four years is interesting and instructive.
  • He will pack his steamer-trunk and get into the open to wrestle with effects that he can never reproduce.
  • To wrestle against principalities and powers and rulers of the world-darkness calls forth the maximum powers of manhood.
  • With the usual fried bacon and coffee the inner man was speedily fortified for another wrestle with the difficult and laborious situation.
  • Who would, if brought up to ride and fence and wrestle with brothers and cousins, when they had all gone to war?
  • I don't think we had ever better wrestle in earnest, for it might make bad blood between us.
  • Speedily he recognised this fact in all its bitter and abominable truth, but mechanically, he continued to wrestle with the obdurate fastenings.
  • You may see him sometimes wrestle with a refractory jest for a minute or two together, and perhaps fail to throw it in the end.
  • Their leafage is already darkening in the changed light, and they toss their branches in the wind, as if to wrestle with the spirit of the storm.
  • In spite of his engagement, he was informing himself rapidly on a hundred questions, and the mental wrestle of every day was exhilarating.
  • In the strength of his faith the Christian begins to wrestle with the sin which is still indwelling in him and which besets him from without.
  • If, wearied out, we had given up the fight, her look would have spurred us on to wrestle with our fate to the last gasp.
  • The Bridge before the night of the flood has passed away becomes the symbol of a wrestle between the most ancient gods and the young will of man.
  • Sobered at the touch he goes out into the night to wrestle with Death amid the tombs and crush his ribs for him till he yields up his prey.

Definition of Wrestle

(intransitive) To contend, with an opponent, by grappling and attempting to throw, immobilize or otherwise defeat him, depending on the specific rules of the contest | (intransitive) To struggle or strive | (transitive) To take part in a wrestling match with someone
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