Wrong In A Sentence

How To Use Wrong In A Sentence?

  • Evidently the amateur chauffeur had in his excitement made a turn at the wrong moment.
  • Walking to the theatre, they once took the wrong turning and had to ask the way.
  • He put on every article of clothing the wrong way, and had to take it off again.
  • She was a determined woman, and the remembrance of the wrong done to her son never left her.
  • It was very wrong of her sister, who knew she wasn't used to brandy and couldn't stand it.
  • Can it be wrong for me too, in my turn, To deceive them, by whom we're all deceiv'd?
  • How wrong is this, Or rather what extravagance and madness, To punish him for my offense!
  • If several expressions modify the same word, they should be so arranged that no wrong relation is suggested.
  • Now, there must surely be something wrong in the professor of any art having so many names and kinds of knowledge.
  • I like him, sir, and if there is one thing you will never find me doing it is liking the wrong man.
  • He despised lords and ladies, and would none of it; but the lawyer held that it would be doing wrong not to preserve the record.
  • I used often however, to offend my father at hunting dinners, by taking the wrong side in politics.
  • Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or keep one; the man who requires you to do so, is dearly purchased at a sacrifice.
  • But, if so, I was wrong in telling you just now that the difficulty which was coming is the greatest of all.
  • Big chandeliers standin' straight up from the floor, and all the pictures hangin' wrong side to on the walls.
  • Then I broke out with my injured innocence, expecting to make her very sorry that she had punished the wrong one.
  • The object of grounding the opposite sides of the keys at the central office is to prevent cross-ringing, that is, ringing the wrong bell.
  • In this world the real penalty, the sharp one, the lasting one, never falls otherwise than on the wrong person.
  • But we may proceed in the wrong direction, by making it our immediate aim and object to exalt the sovereignty of God.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wrong | Wrong Sentence

  • You wrong him just as you wrong me.
  • The argument implies that we should be wrong in doing so.
  • Who bears with wrong and shame.
  • I was not aware that there was anything wrong about it.
  • To do a wrong to this young innocent.
  • There was something wrong with the door.
  • He approached the problem in question in a wrong spirit.
  • It was a case where nature cropped out in the wrong spot.
  • Was anything wrong with his system, he wondered?
  • Her occupation was gone, and all was wrong with her world.
  • Ah, Parmeno, you wrong me.
  • The Right and the Wrong of it All.
  • But my companion, Sir, Is confident I would not wrong him.
  • They practised discrimination in the wrong quarter altogether.
  • I leave you to judge how much he was in the wrong in his opinion.
  • The numbering is wrong in three places, but it has not been corrected.
  • Nervous; can't be anything wrong with the door.
  • He put on his red nightcap, wrong side outwards for good luck.
  • As a matter of fact, "everything" was about as all wrong as it could be.
  • It will not ring the bell at Station B because of the wrong polarity.
  • After all Bertram was right; I had no claim to urge, no wrong to redress.

Definition of Wrong

Incorrect or untrue. | Asserting something incorrect or untrue. | Immoral, not good, bad.
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