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Definition of Yale

A mythical beast in European mythology and heraldry, usually portrayed as an antelope- or goat-like four-legged creature with large horns that it can swivel in any direction.

How To Use Yale In A Sentence?

  • In the promotion of this spirit the drinking places at Yale are important factors.
  • Such a thing had never before been known at Yale and the sophs were highly indignant.
  • Then he fitted a Yale key from his pocket into a lock and threw open the door.
  • He reached third ahead of the ball, and then the Yale crowd on the bleachers did their duty.
  • It was said that in the old days the Yale junior or senior knew everybody worth knowing.
  • By the noise the Yale crowd made one might have fancied the game was theirs beyond a doubt.
  • Rattleton lost his breath yelling, and the entire Yale crowd howled as one man.
  • Those fellows are decidedly soon up at Cambridge, and Yale does well to get all she can from them.
  • The democratic spirit at Yale came mainly from athletics, as Frank soon discovered.
  • Hazing at Yale was said to be a thing of the past, but Frank saw it was still carried on secretly.
  • Born in Northampton, Mass., he graduated from Yale and was then made a tutor there.
  • Of recent graduates and members of the Yale School of Religion, forty-four are now in khaki.
  • Rattleton offered to bet Harris two to one that Yale would win, but Sport declined the offer.
  • Frank had proven that it was not necessary for a man to drink at Yale in order to be esteemed as a good fellow.
  • He might have shouted the words and not been heard, for the Yale rooters were getting in their work for fair.
  • At last he had learned that at Yale a man is not judged so much by the money he spends and the wealth of his parents as by his own manly qualities.
  • Frank had struck out two men, and the Yale crowd could not cheer loud enough to express their delight.
  • They said over and over that there would be no need of a third game to settle the matter; Yale would settle it in the second.
  • To all outward appearances, this man believed that outside his limited circle there was nobody at Yale worth knowing.
  • If the next Yale man had not been altogether too eager to get a hit, there is no telling when the inning would have stopped.
  • When a student at Yale he had made a record, but he had been fortunate, and he was never detected in anything the faculty could not approve.
  • Frank Merriwell contiuued to laugh, and it had been said at Yale that he was most dangerous in an encounter when he laughed.
  • The youngsters who came to Yale and desired to be instructed in the manly art were always recommended to Kelley.
  • After coming to Yale Frank kept his eyes open to see to what extent such a state of affairs obtained.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Yale | Yale Sentence

  • He has fixed on a Yale lock himself.
  • The Yale crowd is not doing any batting.
  • Now the freshmen spectators from Yale let themselves out.
  • There was a wild jubilee at Yale that night.
  • The regular Yale stroke cannot be improved upon.
  • Harvard roared, while the Yale crowd was silent.
  • Now there was suspense, for Yale had two men out.
  • At Yale the old democratic spirit still prevailed.
  • Never had Yale College freshmen seemed happier.
  • And now it needed but one score for Yale to tie Harvard.
  • He had been a student at Yale in the forties a few years before me.
  • That was exactly what the Yale crowd was doing its best to accomplish.
  • Illustration on title page is variant of Yale University crest.
  • It is here reproduced from the copy in the Sterling Library, Yale University.
  • He was a graduate of Yale College and Andover Theological Seminary.
  • The Yale men drink at Morey's, and Traeger's, and Billy's.

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