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How To Use Yams In A Sentence?

  • Every tree is hacked down, and the wild pigs are rooting out the yams and sweet potatoes.
  • In the morning fresh meat was brought to the boys, together with raw yams and other vegetables.
  • Behalve van yams kan laplap ook worden bereid van taro, maniok of halfrijpe bananen.
  • Griffiths lay at Savo last night, taking on pigs and yams and filling his water-tanks.
  • The delicious yams of the southern states and the West Indies are made into many attractive foods.
  • After these events, a few weeks of dry weather began to tell against the growth of their yams and bananas.
  • The "pirate" had given up spinning yams on account of the old man's unfailing interruption.
  • Cocoa-nuts and plantains were what we got the most of; the latter, together with a few yams and other roots, were to us a succedaneum for bread.
  • I used to keep yams and potatoes by me to serve five or six days, and when they were gone I hunted for more.
  • Portions of land, too, were turned up; and yams and other fruits, on a larger scale than had hitherto been attempted, were planted.
  • The meal was a poor repast of tinned soup, hashed tinned beef, yams and coffee, all badly cooked and indifferently served.
  • We had all been without food since the morning before, so Nowar brought us off a cocoanut each, and two very small roasted yams for the ladies.
  • Most of them had the headloads without which a negro woman seems hardly complete in the road, varying in dimensions from a huge basket of yams or bananas to an ounce vial.
  • Voor het vervoer van de groote, den vorigen dag gekochte yams had ik meer dragers noodig, en gewillig boden de hoofden aan, mij te helpen.
  • The uprights carried cross pieces of wood, and on these both fish and flesh were laid to broil, while large yams and sweet-potatoes were placed in the ashes to roast.
  • Highly colored, picturesque, untrue and absurd as a stained glass window, nevertheless these yams took on a semblance of reality from the character of the narrator himself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Yams | Yams Sentence

  • Let them go and eat grass or wild yams like pigs.
  • Ze noodigden ons uit, bij hen te komen en yams te ruilen.
  • As he entered they gave him a basket with yams and other fruit in it.
  • Other yams were then cut up, and laid among the hot embers to bake.
  • Toen wierpen ze hun yams weg en vluchtten in het dichte struikgewas.
  • I suppose you'll steal my yams next, but I'll sweat you for it, you rascals!

Definition of Yams

plural of yam
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