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  • But now you can have all the yarn that you will use without spending any money.
  • I have a yarn or two on the subject of drink which may be appropriately related here.
  • Once he took a ball of yarn from the darning-basket to roll after the white kitten.
  • An old lady was standing in an open door spinning yarn in a very simple manner.
  • Between loss and delay the spinner found an obvious alternative in damping the yarn artificially.
  • Break off yarn and weave stitches together as per directions for finishing one-piece helmet.
  • Again, the whole story might be a cock-and-bull yarn with the idea of getting money.
  • The spinner who persists in over-weighting his yarn finds it difficult to obtain "repeat" orders.
  • These wore loose knee-breeches, long yarn stockings, and hobnailed high-laced walking-shoes.
  • Since then they have nearly reached six millions and importations of yarn have been significantly affected.
  • And you won't be able to gammon him with any yarn about my having jumped overboard.
  • When a spinner is required to quote prices of yarn for delivery in the future he is fixed on the horns of a dilemma.
  • Or that he was some sort of an adventurer, who had manufactured a plausible yarn to gain him access to her home?
  • This was cleaning the down of the eider duck, by passing it through a sieve made of yarn stretched over a hoop.
  • Now the position of the loop, pulling yarn and knot is exactly the same in the left hand as formerly in the right.
  • Now the position of the loop, pulling yarn and knot is exactly the same in the left hand as formerly in the right.
  • Dyed yarn is also carried up to steep in the rain, and in an interval of dryness some wool was taken up and carded.
  • But he concocted a plausible yarn to account for his arrival, and they had fed him and given him a berth in the bunkhouse for the night.
  • There may be something, after all, in that yarn about the drunkard; he may have tumbled into the well.
  • Many and many a yarn of the chase and adventure they exchanged; many a head of gallant game they slew again by the cheerful blaze.
  • A remarkable point in the Lancashire yarn trade is the looseness of the contracts between spinner and manufacturer.
  • Fasten blue yarn at right front and work a row of loops as described, fastening the chains between groups of 3 trebles.
  • Josiah, life is a good deal like the Widder Rice's yarn I've heard Ma Smith tell on.
  • Of course Horace remembered him; and they sat at dinner together and had a long yarn far into the night.
  • She wuzn't a smooth spinner and there would be thick bunches in her yarn and thin streaks; she called 'em gouts and twits.
  • Make a slip or half knot at one end of the yarn, pass the other end down through this to form a loop, then tie the ends of the yarn together.
  • Use Germantown worsted, white or any desired color, with a hook large enough to carry the yarn smoothly.
  • Then, as if his thoughts touched hers, she stopped rolling her yarn and put the glass to her precious lips and like a little bird, took a sip.
  • I'll tell it as Mark told it to me, and if it turns out to be too tough a yarn to take down whole, don't lay it to me.
  • He had always implicitly believed the marvelous tales of yarn spinners, and his soul had been fired by the thought of a life of adventure on the deep.
  • The chief principle of the water-frame was the drawing out of the yarn to the required degree of tenuity by sets of gripping rollers revolving at different speeds.
  • She had not laid down her knitting for an instant; and standing now beside the bed, she jerked the gray yarn automatically through her twisted fingers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Yarn | Yarn Sentence

  • Use a hook which will carry the yarn easily.
  • Say, that blacksmith yarn was a corker.
  • Using the white yarn make a chain of 37 stitches, join.
  • This determines to a large extent the fineness of the yarn which can be spun.
  • It's a hell of a good thing that tree has a yarn to it.
  • Dearborne put her ball of yarn to one side and issued from her chair.
  • A loom and distaff were on one side, with great bunches of yarn beside them.
  • Into Penny's mind flashed the wild yarn told by Mose Johnson.

Definition of Yarn

To tell a story or stories. | (uncountable) A twisted strand of fiber used for knitting or weaving. | (nautical) Bundles of fibers twisted together, and which in turn are twisted in bundles to form strands, which in their turn are twisted or plaited to form rope.
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